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Xceligent Closes Down

We were saddened to learn that Xceligent, one of ClientLook’s newer technology integrations, discontinued operations on Thursday, December 14, 2017. Xceligent data is no longer available to its subscribers or the public through any of Xceligent’s corporate product offerings nor through third-party technology solutions like ClientLook.

Xceligent’s decision has caused us to discontinue our integration with them. This change will affect some of the features available to ClientLook subscribers who were also Xceligent subscribers. Please note that if you are not an Xceligent subscriber then you are completely unaffected. See below for more details.

What was the relationship between Xceligent and ClientLook?

Xceligent was one of many technology partners that connected with ClientLook. They were also a reseller of ClientLook. However Xceligent had no involvement with our management nor had any financial stake in ClientLook. Both companies operated independently of one another. Xceligent’s closing does not have any impact on our day-to-day operations whatsoever. It’s business as usual here in California, and we’re booming!

Is my CRM data safe?

Yes. Your data is completely safe. Nobody will experience any interruption with their access to ClientLook.

What happens to my ClientLook listings?

Any listings within your CLientLook account are untouched. The process by which listings could be published on CommercialSearch.com has stopped since that is an Xceligent service that is no longer available.

What Xceligent integration features have been discontinued?

Access to Xceligent research data is no longer available to anyone. We have discontinued the ability to add a property from Xceligent within ClientLook.

What Xceligent data is no longer viewable in ClientLook?

If you had previously added an Xceligent property through the integration, then the “live” research provided by Xceligent will no longer appear in ClientLook. This includes Xceligent availability, comps, related people (tenants, owners, agents, etc.), images and tax assessor data. None of this Xceligent data was ever downloaded into your ClientLook account, so nothing is actually being deleted. The display of that external data was simply turned off. All of your proprietary ClientLook data remains intact.

What if I signed up for ClientLook through Xceligent?

If you subscribed to ClientLook through a licensing agreement with Xceligent, then your account is now being serviced by ClientLook instead of Xceligent. There is no disruption in your access to ClientLook. Your billing will need to be modified by January 1, 2018 to ensure that your subscription fee is directed to ClientLook. Someone from ClientLook will be in touch to coordinate this quick change. You may also contact support@clientlook.com.

Will ClientLook be integrating with any other CRE data providers?

We get this question constantly! We are always looking for new integration partners, and we’ve got some exciting additions on our roadmap. If you have any suggestions for integrations that you think would be impactful then please pass them along. It’s also important to let those providers know that you’re interested in having them connect to ClientLook. That sort of feedback goes a long way.

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