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Send a MailChimp campaign

See how easy it is to send a MailChimp campaign using ClientLook.


  1. How do I set up Mail Champ with Client look? I need to design the template to use by ClientLook. Do I design the template in Mail Champ and bring it to Client look for distribution.

    • Hi Ted, you will use Mailchimp to create your template. Your templates remain in Mailchimp. Currently, ClientLook taps into your library of templates and allows you to send an email campaign to a selected list of ClientLook contacts. It works great. I say “currently” because this process is being improved in the near future to add even more powerful features.

      If you have questions about connected Mailchimp, then contact support@clientlook.com and they can help get everything connected. It’s really easy. If you need help creating Mailchimp templates, we actually offer a new service for this. Check out Mailchimp templates. We also recently introduced a service for creating and sending Mailchimp campaigns on your behalf. For more details on that see Email marketing.

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