Commercial Real Estate CRM Webinar: September 2021

ClientLook Founder, Michael Griffin, presented this exclusive webinar on September 30, 2021 to show you how you can reach your goals faster with the help of our commercial real estate CRM software.

See the incredible ways that you can boost your productivity and make more money in 2021. Plus, you’ll also hear how ClientLook subscribers leverage our exclusive Back Office Assistants to accomplish more.

The video below includes the following key sections:

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (1:57) Prospecting
  • (4:58) Property Database
  • (8:51) Listing Management
  • (11:03) Comp Tracking
  • (13:50) Deal Management
  • (16:28) Email Marketing
  • (19:50) Back Office Assistants
  • (21:45) Mobile Apps
  • (23:00) Next Steps

Not a ClientLook subscriber? Schedule a personalized demo of our commercial real estate CRM today.

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