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  • We’re taking ClientLook to a whole new level with the Winter 2018 Release that was recently deployed to all accounts. The industry’s most used all-in-one commercial real estate CRM software just got even better. We added loads of new features, streamlined existing workflows, and further simplified our award winning user interface. Our iPhone and Android mobile apps have also been updated to take advantage of all this new functionality. We think you’ve love the enhancements.

    Watch the video to see ClientLook founder Michael Griffin present an overview of all the exciting new features. Then, read below for list of features deployed in the ClientLook Winter 2018 Release.

Track comparable sales and leases

Alert your back office because comps have arrived. ClientLook now delivers the industry’s most comprehensive platform for tracking commercial real estate sale and lease comps. Plus there’s a reporting module for branded output. We’ve thought of everything to make this a turn-key solution for your comp tracking needs company-wide. And, it’s so easy. Now you can rely on ClientLook to help standardize comps into a centralized repository that grows with your business over time. Features include:

  • Spawn a comp from an existing property record with no need for data re-entry.
  • Privatize comps by user or team using our exclusive sharing capabilities.
  • Link comps to buyers, seller, tenants, landlords, brokers or any contacts in your ClientLook account.
  • View related comps from any linked contact, company and property records.
  • Track critical dates for lease expirations, renewals, etc. and assign them to anyone on your team.
  • Convert a ClientLook listing to a comp with a single click. No redundant data entry.
  • Generate your own presentation-quality comp reports for your next presentation.
  • Add your own custom fields to track any data you desire.
  • View comps while you’re in the field through our mobile apps.
  • Have existing comps imported from any legacy system. Contact us for more details.

Enhanced relationship building

We recognize that brokers use ClientLook every day to help them create better relationships. We’ve pulling out all the stops by pioneering the most flexible and comprehensive relationship building system inside ClientLook. Now you can relate anything to anything in a many-to-many fashion. What does that mean? It simply means that you can now effortlessly develop and maintain the most complete understanding of how everything in your business is related – through ClientLook’s relationship building features. It’s easy and so intuitive. Here are some examples:

  • Relate multiple properties to a deal to handle tenant rep assignments, portfolio sales and complex investment deals with ease.
  • Link a contact to other contacts to enhance your ability to discover and leverage connections between people. It’s like having your own proprietary LinkedIn.
  • Link a contact to multiple companies to handle cases where a contact is the decision maker for multiple companies, or when a single contact is the “real” owner associated with multiple corporate entities.
  • Develop your own custom relationship types like Associate, Competitor, Friend, etc. to define relationships between records using terms familiar to you.
  • Relate both contacts and account users to events and tasks to ensure that all associated parties display a historical summary of any activity.
  • Privatize the relationships you create between records within a shared account. You only share what you choose.

Redesigned user interface

ClientLook has always been known for its intuitiveness and ease of use. This comes from our belief that your effectiveness is predicated on our ability to deliver powerful functionality that’s as easily accessible as possible. The Winter 2018 Release includes a new user interface for many pages that we hope makes the ClientLook experience even better. We have also converged the design styles of our web and mobile app screens along with the navigation so there’s more familiarity between both platforms. This consistency also sets the stage for exciting new features that are a part of our future roadmap.

New mobile apps

Our mobile apps for iPhone and Android have been refined to include all the new features described above. Note that an upgrade to our latest mobile apps is required. If you are experiencing unexpected behavior on your mobile device, then please ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version.

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