How To Win More Commercial Real Estate Deals With ClientLook

How To Win More Commercial Real Estate Deals With ClientLook

ClientLook is the commercial real estate CRM that gives you the ability to invite your clients to participate in the online deals you set up for their assignments. This competitive advantage can be a seriously differentiating factor when you are attempting to win business.

Let’s suppose you are one of three firms invited to present to a commercial property owner for the assignment to lease up or sell his building. You will be presenting at the “beauty contest” along with two competing, equally qualified brokerage firms. Prior to the presentation, you create a sample online “Deal” in ClientLook loaded up with a few simulated sign calls, property tour summaries, some attached documents like LOIs, and a few comments from the “client” on that deal. Basically, you want to create a sample that you can use every time you do a presentation.

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Now it’s your turn to give your presentation. The goal is to find a differentiating factor, something that you have or do that your competitors don’t, and then make it sound like an imperative. It might go something like this: “We don’t know who you are going to hire to represent your property – we certainly hope it will be us – but no matter who you hire, make sure they have an online ‘war room’ where you can collaborate on the assignment, share documents, and be able to see in real time all of the activity going on with your property leasing/sale campaign.”

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Wow! Now log in to ClientLook and show him how easily he can keep up to date and stay involved with you by simply logging in to his client portal at ClientLook. This client collaboration feature is sure to impress!

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In the client’s mind, anyone else who presents after you who doesn’t offer this option has lost some points. After all, you convinced him that “no matter who you pick”, his next broker should be able to provide this capability, and you were the only one who mentioned it. The same principle applies regardless of the type of assignment – it works equally well for tenant rep, site selection, lease renegotiation, or any other assignment. It’s a simple way to win more commercial real estate listing presentations.

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