Will Your Technology Platform Attract Millennial Brokers?

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Will Your Technology Platform Attract Millennial Brokers?

There’s no denying that the pace of technology change in the commercial real estate industry has been historically slow. But, we’re in an age where millennials are a big portion of the workforce — and this group is highly tech-savvy. With over one-in-three workers today are millennials (ages 18-34 in 2015), trying to attract this group into your workplace will take some work on your part.

At some point in your company’s growth you will need to hire millennials. Here’s what you should know about millennials: they are risk takers; they want passion; and, they won’t settle.

Millennials are not afraid to chase their passions. They aren’t going to stay at a job that doesn’t spark their creativity and inspire them. They aren’t scared to leave a job to find a different one. This has been a challenge for many workplaces, as they now have to shift their traditional recruiting tactics to ones that fit the needs and wants of the millennial workforce. Millennials are aligning their life passion with their career interests, and they aren’t going to invest their life in something they don’t believe in.

Attracting Millennials

One area that you should focus on if you’re trying to attract millennials into your workplace is stepping up your tech game. As a generation that has basically been exposed to technology from the start, they see this as a must and will continue to grow with technology.

Since millennials believe that technology makes them more efficient, there’s a constant battle in the workplace, as millennials often feel held back by rigid or outdated working styles. They also cite feeling their managers or older peers don’t understand the need for advanced technology in the workplace.

Empowering Millennials

Millennials continue to expect that the technology in their lives will empower every aspect of their daily interactions and 59% of them said that they consider technology when choosing their job place. So what are you able to offer to this millennial workforce?

For example, if you’re able to offer this millennial workforce a quality CRM, whereby they can organize their contacts, track all of their communication, implement email campaigns, and more, you’re adding a layer of technology this generation craves.

Communication style

Millennials actually prefer to communicate via email and text, over face-to-face or phone communication. While they understand that there are times when it’s needed, having a CRM allows them to market and message within the program itself.

A CRM like ClientLook also allows its users to go mobile. Millennials love mobility. With a CRM like ClientLook, your millennial workforce can rest assured knowing they can refresh their memory on previous communications and deals before they meet their client, giving them easy and convenient access to their work.

The more you can offer millennials by way of technology and your dedication to continued innovation, the more they will consider your company during their job search. Don’t get left behind. For more information on our innovative CRM and h

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