Why Your Clients Benefit from Your CRM

clients and your crm

Why Your Clients Benefit from Your CRM

There are so many benefits to using commercial real estate software like an industry-specific CRM in your business, but do your clients understand why this makes you better? Do they know how it improves your communcation and why it helps market properties better, faster, and more efficiently?

The next time you’re in a listing presentation or need to pitch your services, make sure you’re explaining how your technology helps you be a better broker — one that can better serve the client’s needs.

Here’s why both you and your clients benefit from implementing a CRM in your business.


One of the greatest benefits of using a CRM program is the ability to stay organized across the board. Whether it’s reviewing what you’ve talked about previously with the client you’re about to meet, or glancing at the types of properties they like, having the ability to refresh your mind on previous communications allows you to be a better agent.

CRM’s also help keep you on schedule with emails, phone calls, and meetings — ensuring you don’t miss any important events, such as showing appointments and networking events. Keeping appointments is key when trying to sell or lease properties and your clients will be impressed by how highly organized you are.

Internal communication

Commercial real estate CRM’s like ClientLook will keep you organized and also offer marketing opportunities. Besides being able to store notes, track activities, and keep information about your contacts neatly organized, ClientLook allows you to create and manage your own inventory of properties and link those properties to contacts, giving you and your client a complete market view.

If you’re working as part of a team, a quality CRM will also allows you to manage, track, and communicate in real-time and with your team members. This way, when you’re starting an email campaign to your prospects and leads, your entire team is ready, on the same page, and ready to collaborate. Your CRM should be a part of your marketing strategy and be able to integrate with other programs, such as MailChimp, to deliver effective results.

Client collaboration

You work hard on your client’s behalf. You’re responsible for fulfilling the objectives of your assignment, but also for keeping your clients in the loop on everything you do. This can be a challenge without the right tools.

You have to be able to easily organize your updates, files and emails according to the deals they relate to. ClientLook is the unrivaled leader for helping you contribute all this content. Once you’ve collected all this information you still need to convey it to your clients. Use offline reports for this or rely on ClientLook’s exclusive real-time client portal. Your clients can log into a “lite” version of ClientLook that allows them to self-serve their need for information any time.

Faster, Better, Stronger

A quality CRM program can and should be able to do more for you to help your commercial real estate business. Your clients benefit from your improvements and expanded capabilities. A CRM should make you a better broker, one that can work more efficiently, and faster.

Let your clients know how a CRM helps you stay organized so that you’re always on time and never miss an appointment. Tell them that you CRM helps you better market their properties to segmented markets allowing potential buyers to view emails and content the way they like to see it —which ultimately increases the chances of viewings. Your clients should also know that a CRM gives you a digital rolodex which allows you to view and learn more about each contact and gives you a more effective method to getting properties in front of the right people and quickly.

A CRM isn’t there to slow you down. It’s quite the opposite. A quality CRM is designed to make you a power broker for your clients and step up your marketing game, which benefits both you and your clients. If you’re ready to discuss why ClientLook is exactly what you’ve been looking for, make contact with us today!

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