What Is Content Marketing – And Why Do You Need It?

Content Marketing For Commercial Real Estate

What Is Content Marketing – And Why Do You Need It?

As a commercial real estate agent, content marketing is a way to attract more clients, build your personal brand, and help with your SEO marketing strategy. Essentially, content marketing is sharing valuable information that will interest and appeal to your target audience. Whether you’re sharing on social media, your website, or your own real estate blog, content marketing should always be at the center of what you’re posting.

What Is Content Marketing?

Essentially, content marketing includes all of your marketing efforts that focus on creating and sharing information. It is a way to share your knowledge and expertise about the commercial real estate industry and your local market, and in turn you reach a wider audience who will view you as an expert. Remember to share your knowledge and let people get to know you – not just your available property listings.

Develop Your Strategy

Having your own blog is the best way to be found online. When someone searches online for your city and your specialty (for example: “Los Angeles Industrial Broker”) you want them to find YOU, not your competitors. For this reason, you don’t want to rely solely on your companies website and their blog, because all of the agents in your office will be listed there. You want to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself by having your own blog. (Read: “Why You Need A Blog For Your Commercial Real Estate Business”)

Writing content for your commercial real estate blog will help with your SEO (search engine optimization). The keywords that you include on your website and in your blog posts will inevitably relate to you as a commercial real estate agent, your area of expertise, and your local market. If you’re using the keywords correctly your blog will be listed in the search engine results and you will attract more potential clients. Plus, your search engine rankings will go up over time as you publish more relevant content.

Write Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content is the most important content on your blog. It could be a page or a blog post (or multiple pages and posts). Think of it this way; if a viewer was going to look through your blog, what 3-5 pages are the most important that you would want them to read? This is your “cornerstone content.” As you continually write new blog posts, include links to your cornerstone pages (where appropriate to do so), to drive your traffic to the pages that are most important. Over time, you should update these pages to make sure they stay relevant.

If you think blogging is a waste of time; think again. Not only does it help people find you online and provide you with increased traffic to your website, but it can also help you get more listings and close more deals. Blogging is one of the cheapest forms of advertising and you only need to write and publish one post per week (or any other consistent schedule that you can stick to). Plus, your blog is the backbone of your content marketing strategy.

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