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We recently created a new ClientLook website to allow people in our industry to learn more about our commercial real estate CRM. We used WordPress for the whole thing. It took a lot of time, but mainly because we’re perfectionists and like to push the envelope. We’re thrilled with the results.

Our goal was to empower commercial real estate professionals like brokers, owners and property managers to “self-serve” their need for information about ClientLook. They should be able to recognize our commercial real estate industry focus, understand the capabilities of our online CRM solution, and appreciate the simplicity of our innovative design. And, it all had to be comprehensible within a couple of minutes. That’s a tall order.

We get lots of questions from everyone about our website design. So, I thought we’d give a brief overview of how we built the new ClientLook website to help companies who may be undertaking a similar project.

New ClientLook website framework

First we created a homepage that described ClientLook in simple terms. This made it easy to understand what we do, how we do it, and why we’re the best. The text is big and clear. The site is “responsive”, which was a big deal to us. That means it automatically adapts to changes in display and supports viewing on any device. In addition to product details, our Pricing and Support resources are readily accessible. Signing up for a free trial is also a breeze.

Producing the content

We’re not one of those companies that hides product details or makes you signup to see what it’s all about. We’re extremely proud of everything we do, and our intuitive design is one of our most compelling features. We showcase big lifesize screenshots with links to video tutorials on the new ClientLook website. We also have a new searchable video library that offers clips of just about every process and feature in ClientLook.

The finishing touches

Our other big push was to make our software development roadmap as transparent as possible. We publish a list of what we’re working on for the next upgrade, and we maintain a history of everything we’ve developed in the past. We also make it really easy to suggest new features and even video tutorials. The input we receive is unbelievable. For the first time we’ve also published biographies of our executive management team too.

What’s next?

The new ClientLook website provides the ideal platform for our future growth. Of course you can read all about it in our blog. If you’re new to our online commercial real estate CRM software then consider signing up for a free trial. We know you’ll love it.

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