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The Transition to E 1527-21: Viewpoints from the Lender and ASTM Training Perspectives

Feb 9, 20223:00pm EST1 hour
The ASTM E1527-21 standard was published on November 15, 2021. LightBox’s previous webinars focused on areas of revision, but now is the time to talk to the experts about implementation as our industry transitions over to the updated standard. Join us as we hear unique perspectives from risk managers at a large financial institution as well as an experienced ASTM trainer. You will leave armed with information and topics that both practitioners and users of Phase I ESAs should be thinking about to with their own practices and procedures, including:

• When do you make “the switch” from E1527-13 to -21?
• What are some of the key revisions relating to reporting and report format? Do we have to mirror the format in Section X5?
• What areas of the standard should users be reviewing w/ their consultants to ensure compliance with the updates?
• What areas of revisions are EPs concerned about/challenged by?