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for KW Commercial

ClientLook’s exclusive Virtual Assistant service is the best way to promote success using a commercial real estate CRM. Get unlimited access to a team of ClientLook experts who are standing by to ensure you stay productive everywhere.

  • How does it work?

    The Virtual Assistant (VA) team is waiting to help you. Just send them a request by phone or email. The request is received by a team member who subsequently logs into your ClientLook CRM account online. Your work is meticulously handled by a real person, and you get a confirmation email when it’s done. That’s it!

    1. Submit tasks via voicemail or email anytime
    2. Requests are manually completed by real people
    3. Receive an email when your work is done
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  • Virtual assistant team

  • Add contact and deal updates

  • What can the VA do?

    The VA team can complete just about any task within your ClientLook CRM account. They can add leads, import data, log updates, schedule activities, add deals and more. Try this:

    1. Email a photo of a business card to add new contacts
    2. Dictate the outcome of meetings to create new updates
    3. Schedule meetings and tasks for you and team members

    Use your imagination. ClientLook subscribers discover new ways to leverage the Virtual Assistant team all the time.

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  • Unlimited access for $29/mo

    For about $1 per day you get unlimited access to the Virtual Assistant team. You stay focus on deal making and leave the CRM maintenance to us.

    1. Tireless assistance from ClientLook experts
    2. Save countless hours of your time
    3. Maintain peak productivity anywhere

    Put the ClientLook Virtual Assistant to work for you today to maximize your commercial real estate software experience.

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Praise for the VA team from KW Commercial

  • The VA is fantastic

    The Virtual Assistant makes it so easy to add contacts by snapping a photo of a business card and emailing it in. The ability to call the VA to add an update, a task or a follow up appointement is fantastic.

    Author's imageJanet Faulkner, Director, Comm'l AdvisorsFaulkner & Associates, KW Commercial

  • Best investment we ever made

    ClientLook is the cake and the VA is the quintessential icing. Subscribing to this service – and having real people providing support – has been one of the best investments we have ever made.

    Author's imageRicardo Beristain, Director of OperationsKW Commercial | KW Pasadena Int'l

  • Huge exchange of value

    The Virtual Assistant is a great benefit; I can take a minute to type up an email to the VA with a list of items that I need done and it saves me three hours of work! It’s a huge exchange of value.

    Author's imageJon Hammond, Director KW Commercial | Chandler, Arizona


    The VA is a must have for lead generation and follow up. We receive professional and reliable service from the VA team along with a very quick response time. Did I mention that this service is AFFORDABLE?

    Author's imageRonald Fredette, Managing DirectorKW Commercial