Virtual Assistant for CRM

Using any contact manager takes effort. ClientLook ensures that you spend less time on database administration and more time on deal making with the innovative Virtual Assistant for CRM service. You have a team of ClientLook experts at your disposal that are standing by to help you stay productive everywhere. It’s just one of the reasons why ClientLook is the leading commercial real estate CRM.

  • How does it work?

    The VA is always standing by to help you. Here’s how it works. You submit a request via voicemail or email. A Virtual Assistant team member receives this request and logs into your online ClientLook CRM account. Then, your request is manually entered. You’ll get an email confirming that the work has been completed. That’s it!

    1. Submit tasks via voicemail or email anytime
    2. Requests are manually completed by real people
    3. Receive an email when your work is done

    There’s no easier way to maximize your CRM productivity.

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  • Using a Virtual Assistant for CRM

    The Virtual Assistants can complete just about any task within your ClientLook CRM account. They can import data, log updates, schedule activities, add deals and more.

    1. Send a file to have data imported
    2. Email a business card photo to add new contacts
    3. Dictate updates to log contacts and deal history
    4. Add new deals and invite client participants
    5. Schedule meetings and tasks for you and team members

Use your imagination. ClientLook subscribers discover new ways to leverage the Virtual Assistant team all the time. Think of them as an extension of your business.

  • What does it cost?

    Access to the Virtual Assistant team is included with a ClientLook subscription at current subscription rates. It’s the most effective way to get all the help you need.

    1. Tireless assistance from ClientLook experts
    2. Save countless hours of your time
    3. Maintain peak productivity anywhere

    Don’t waste any more of your precious deal-making time. Put the ClientLook Virtual Assistant to work for you today to maximize your commercial real estate software experience.

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