How To View The Latest Update For Deals In ClientLook

View The Latest Update For Deals

How To View The Latest Update For Deals In ClientLook

Many of you have asked for a quick way to see when the most recent update on a deal occurred for each of the contacts and companies related to that deal. You asked – we delivered!

Deals in ClientLook – which can be any assignment you are working on that might generate revenue – are one of the most powerful features of the system. They allow you to track all activity related to any project on one place, whether the updates were created on a contact or company record or directly on the deal record.  So, if you talk to someone about your “200 Main Street” deal, you would create a note on the contact record and relate it to the deal:

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Now this update is visible on both the contact record, his company’s record, and on the record of the deal. Your deal record will consist of related updates from everyone in your database that you chose to relate to the deal:

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You might have dozens of prospects, investors, owners, tenants, etc. related to this deal. The deal record might contain months or even years of related updates from any of these contacts. If you would like to see when the most recent update from any contact or company happened – or perhaps find out if any particular contact has never been contacted – simply flip over to the “People” tab of the deal record.

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The “Update” column will now you the last time anyone on your team related an update for that person or company to this deal. If the column is empty next to someone’s name, that means you’ve never related an update from that person to the deal.

To view the latest update, you can hover your mouse over the date column to see the text of the most recent update in a “Tool tip” that pops up:

View The Latest Update For Deals_4

If someone on your team has related a private note to this deal (an update with a sharing level of “Just me”) and it’s the most recent update, you will still see the correct “latest update” date even though you don’t have access to the update itself.  In this case, the “tool tip” will not show you the text of the update.

Now, you can easily and quickly find out what’s going on with anyone related to a deal without having to search through all the updates. It’s a great time saver on a busy deal!

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