Using Your CRM for a Complete Market View

complete crm market view

Using Your CRM for a Complete Market View

The majority of CRE professionals are using some type of commercial real estate CRM software to help manage contacts, group prospects, handle transactions, and take care of much of the routine data entry that would otherwise take over their entire workday.

What started out as a way to keep track of contact information and stay in touch with clients has morphed into an all-in-one solution with powerful capabilities. The whole is much more than the sum of its parts. Nowadays you can have your entire market available at your fingertips.

The capabilities of customer relationship management (CRM) software continue to evolve. If you haven’t looked at what’s available lately, you might be surprised. For commercial real estate professionals these platforms can be used in powerful ways that help build new business like nothing else.

Beyond contact management

Today’s CRM provides much more than efficient contact management. An all-in-one platform finally makes it possible to connect different aspects of the business like contacts, properties, deals, marketing and more into one rich, cohesive view. It’s the only way that most people can digest and manage so much information.

CRMs manage contacts by allowing you to easily track and share every client interaction, activity, file and email in one place. Whatever your location, you’re able to recall important dates and pertinent facts quickly. A well-designed search option can ensure that you have the data you’re looking for in seconds. You’re able to search for lease expirations, properties of a certain type or size, companies with particular investment criteria and more.

Link to properties

In addition to managing the communications associated with your contacts, use a CRM to relate properties to all of the contacts, companies, and deals in your database. This will make it simple to track property ownership, monitor tenant movements, and keep track of upcoming lease expirations.

In ClientLook, there’s a “people” tab within every property record, so you can instantly see the related contacts – whether they’re potential buyers, tenants, owners or anyone else with a relationship to the property in question. Pair that with the wealth of information on each property, all stored in one place. With one click you can review recent activity and access marketing materials, maps, and related deals.

Coordination on the go

Your CRM can organize your day around contacts, deals, and properties and keep you on track by syncing with mobile devices. So you’ll have the answers at your fingertips. ClientLook’s deal management module seamlessly captures all of the details of your day – emails, meetings, updates, and offers. Nothing falls through the cracks.

The CRM is working constantly to distribute your updates across the system, so you’re always working with the most current figures and information. Logging these should be incredibly easy, especially if you use a Virtual Assistant service similar to the one in ClientLook. You specify changes and updates by phone or email, and then leave it to us to make sure they’re incorporated into your account, letting you focus on deals, not data entry.

A comprehensive market view helps you make new connections and identify opportunities. An excellent CRM system is essential for pulling it all together, enabling top-notch, responsive client service and boosting performance to new heights.

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