Use our Virtual Assistant service to get some time back!

Use our Virtual Assistant service

The VA (Virtual Assistant) has quickly become one of our most popular features. We frequently get questions about how the program works, and what the team can do for you. I thought I would spend a few moments and outline the program for you.

First, a definition – “Virtual” in this case doesn’t mean a computer imitation of a person, like on the popular smartphone. It means that the virtual assistant is not physically located in your office, that they work remotely and are shared by all of our customers. Our VA team consists of real people, trained in basic commercial real estate, fluent in the use of ClientLook, and employed by us. They are equipped with email and voice mail, and stand ready to assist you with ClientLook tasks.

Let’s suppose that you just left a meeting with a new client and have their business card in your hand. Simply snap a photo with your smartphone and email it to the VA team with the instructions to add that person to your contact list. The VA team will log in to your account, and add that person’s contact details to your database.

Or, you field a phone call from a client while out on the road. You call the VA voice line and leave a message. “Hi, this is John Smith. Please make a note on Roger Williams’ record that he agreed to $27 per square foot, and schedule a follow up for me to call him back on Monday.” The team will add the update to Roger’s record, and add the follow-up call to your task list for Monday.

Perhaps you are getting ready to meet with an owner and forgot to prepare the listing activity report for the deal you are working on for him. You can call the VA, and ask them to export the report for your “123 Main Street” deal and email the file to you.

There are a few things the team can’t do for you, which basically involve doing things outside of ClientLook. They won’t, for example, be able to do a Google search for industrial users in your area or send out emails on your behalf. We also have a “fair usage” policy which ensures that no one person can monopolize the team’s time to the detriment of all the other users.

One of the biggest challenges in adopting a CRM is finding the time to make entries. But it’s vital – your customer relationships are the lifeblood of this business. Let us help you to help yourself, and ensure that the information you need to track is there when you need it.

Roughly 80% of ClientLook users subscribe to the VA service. If you aren’t one of them, give us a call and we can get you signed up. At $199 a year, that’s less than $4 per week. You couldn’t hire a “real” assistant for 15 minutes for that!

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