How To Use A Search To Create A Group

How To Use A Search To Create A Group

How To Use A Search To Create A Group

The ClientLook commercial real estate software gives you the ability to search your database in real time for items that meet criteria you specify, such as contacts, properties, etc. We also give you the ability to create “Groups” that can be used over again. These groups have a static “membership list” that you can add and subtract from, so you don’t have to do a search again to find the same contacts or properties. The easiest way to populate this group is to do a search, and then add all the search results simultaneously to that group.

You might, for example, create a ClientLook group for a broker mailing list, a list of commercial real estate office investors or local industrial property tenants. You plan to use this group every month for an email blast or call list. Since you already have existing contacts in your database that belong in these groups, you’ll sort your contacts into the appropriate groups and then just need to categorize new contacts later as you add them to ClientLook.

Create a group

The first step is to create the empty group. To do this, simply click on your name in the upper right corner of any ClientLook screen, choose “Setup”, then click on the “Groups” tab.

commercial real estate software - create groups 1

Choose the module (contacts, properties., etc.) in which you want to create the group. You will see a list of all existing groups in that module. Click the “Add a group” button to create a new group.

commercial real estate software - create groups 2Create a unique name for the group of no more than 50 characters. Optionally, give it a description so you or another team member knows what it’s for. Then, choose who the group should be shared with and assigned to, and click “Add this group” to save it.

commercial real estate software - create groups 3

Perform a search

Now that your new empty group has been created, your next step is to do an advanced search. Details for performing this type of search are available at this blog entry. Once your search is done, you will have a list of contacts (or properties, etc.) that meet your criteria.

commercial real estate software - create groups 4

Add to group

To select all of these items, click the “Select all” checkbox (it’s not labeled, but it’s the top checkbox in the header as shown in the screen shot below), then choose “Add to group” from the “Options” menu.

commercial real estate software - create groups 5

Once you select the name of your newly created group, all those contacts will be added to that group immediately. Now that the base of your group is built, you can use it over and over again, adding new contacts to the group as you add people to your database.

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