Unlimited cloud storage in ClientLook CRM

Unlimited cloud storage in ClientLook CRM

ClientLook CRM allows you to attach your files and documents to all the contacts, companies,and deals you are working on. LOIs, proposals, space plans, NDAs – anything and everything can be stored in ClientLook. Since storage space is unlimited, you don’t need to worry about how much room you use. The meter isn’t running. Even if you already have those files stored on your local hard drive, it’s to your advantage to add them to ClientLook. That way, you always have a backup safely stored off-site, and you can find those documents instantly by pulling up the record of the prospect, client or assignment they relate to.

If you have invited a client to collaborate with you on a ClientLook deal online, this allows you to share files easily without the need to constantly email things back and forth.

To add a file to an update you create, simply click the “File” link in the “Add an update” box. This will allow you to browse to and select a file from your computer. You can select files up to 20MB in size to upload. Once you save the update, your attached document will be available at the click of the mouse anywhere you go.

You can also send files into the system by email. We covered attaching emails to your contacts and deals in an earlier blog entry a few weeks ago.

The end result, and the point of any good commercial real estate CRM, is to have everything you do with and know about a prospect or client – phone calls, notes on property tours, emails, documents and follow-up tasks – in one place online, and available to you anywhere.

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