Understanding user security roles in ClientLook

Understanding user security roles in ClientLook

  • ClientLook users can be assigned different roles, or security levels, depending on the needs of your organization. If you are solo and don’t share your ClientLook account with anyone, then this isn’t an issue. But if your team, local office or entire company share a common database of contacts, then it is important to set up your users correctly.

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User types

There are two basic user types – Administrator users and Standard users. Briefly, here are the things that Administrators can do that Standard users cannot:

– Manage, edit and disable users
– Create and edit custom fields
– Create and edit teams
– Edit the “Assigned to” field in records that belong to other users
– Delete records belonging to other users
– Export contact and company records

In addition, admins can determine which users have the ability to sync to Google and import contacts, and individually turn those privileges on and off regardless of the user’s security level.

Standard user role

“Standard” is probably the appropriate role for most users in a shared environment. This ensures that no one can accidentally delete shared contacts or updates created by someone else, and prevents the export of a team’s entire database where that might not be appropriate.

Each team should have an administrator (or two), and that person would be responsible for maintaining the shared custom fields and team definitions that everyone uses. The administrator can also disable a user’s access to ClientLook in the event that becomes necessary.

Administrator user role

Administrators can find the custom fields, team definitions, and account settings located on the “Setup” menu, by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of ClientLook.

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