Tracking the results of your commercial real estate email marketing campaigns

commercial real estate CRM email marketing

Tracking the results of your commercial real estate email campaigns

In a previous article, we discussed how ClientLook CRM commercial real estate software integrates with MailChimp for sending out email marketing campaigns. We also discussed setting up ClientLook’s MailChimp integration earlier this year. Now you’ll learn how easy it is to track the results of those email marketing campaigns in ClientLook.

Viewing your campaign list

  • The “Marketing” module in ClientLook tracks all of the email campaigns you send using our MailChimp integration. At a glance you’ll be able to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and even sort them to discover your most popular ones.

    You’ll see the name of the campaign, the subject of the email that was sent out, as well as some basic statistics including the number of emails sent, and how many people opened them, how many clicked on one of the links that you included in your email, and whether anyone unsubscribed from your email list after receiving the email.

  • clientlook-crm-email-campaign-list

Drilling down into your campaigns

Click on the name of any campaign on your list in order to view more details. You’ll find your campaign statistics on the left, and tabs with recipient lists on the right.

  • email-marketing-campaign results

  • The statistics show how many email were sent, how many bounced, how many recipients opened your email and the total number of opens. Sometimes the total number of opens is higher than the number of recipients who opened the email. This simply means that one or more people opened the email multiple times.

    Below that, you will see how many people clicked on one of the links included in your email, and the total number of clicks. For example, if you sent out an email about 2 featured properties, and included links to the property listings on Xceligent’s listing platform, you will see how many people clicked your link to view more information.

Finally, at the bottom of this section, you will see if anyone unsubscribed from your email list. Anyone who unsubscribes will automatically be removed from your mailing list and you will no longer be allowed to email them, which allows you to be in compliance with federal spam laws.

  • The recipient section on the right segments recipients into several meaningful categories. This helps you identify your best prospects based on their engagement with your email. You’ll see the actual people behind the statistics and find out who opened your email, who clicked on any links, and who hasn’t yet opened it. It’s easy to see who is interested and who is not.

  • CRM-for-commercial-brokers

You’ll also see a list of any emails that bounced to an out-of-date email addresses, alerting you to contact those people to obtain an updated email address. You’ll also be able to see who, if anyone, unsubscribed from your list or complained to MailChimp that you are sending spam.

Tracking results for individual contacts

  • real-estate-contact-management

  • You can analyze the results of the emails you’ve sent to a contact over time. Simply click any contact name on this grid (or just go straight to any contact’s record) and click on the “Marketing” tab. This displays the last 50 points of engagement with your emails.

    ClientLook pulls in live statistics from MailChimp to show you exactly how a contact has engaged with the emails you’ve sent. Refreshing this page updates the totals in real-time so you always have the latest intelligence. This even includes emails sent directly through MailChimp without using the ClientLook integration!

    You’ll be able to see how many emails you’ve sent them, how many (and which ones) they opened, and which links they clicked on. If you see that John Smith clicked the link to look at your listing for 123 Main Street, John should probably be one of your first followup calls for that property!

As you can see, ClientLook not only makes it simple to send out email campaigns, we also make it easy to analyze and harvest the results of those campaigns as well.

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