The Top 5 Email Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Top 5 Email Mistakes

The Top 5 Email Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Email has been a part of our lives for a long time now, but it seems like I receive – and send – more and more emails as each year passes. Commercial real estate agents are using email to communicate with clients, co-workers, and vendors so it’s important that your email etiquette is on point. We’ve all received annoying emails, but how do you know if you’re the one who is making these email mistakes? Read on to hear the top five email mistakes and how you can correct the errors:

You Don’t Proof Read

Ok, this is a biggie! Punctuation and grammar are important in all forms of professional communication. Make sure everything is spelled correctly, that you break your thoughts into sentences and paragraphs for easy reading, and that everything is grammatically correct. A small mistake is forgivable (we all do it!) but get in the habit of taking a minute to proof read your email before you hit send.

You Forget To Introduce Yourself

If you’re reaching out to someone via email for the first time, make it a priority to introduce yourself in the beginning of your email. Your name, title, company, and why you are emailing this person should all be within the first two sentences or you risk your email being deleted. With the amount of random emails that people receive, you have to get to the point quickly.

You Use Direct Message Verses Email

If you are making business connections online, through LinkedIn for example, take note of when it’s appropriate to send someone a direct message through the social media platform verses sending them an email. Different people actually have different preferences on this. I personally don’t like it when I receive sales pitches via social media. I would actually prefer a nice email to introduce yourself and your company, so I can easily save your email for future reference. If you’re just saying hello or thanking someone for connecting with you online, a direct message is appropriate. However, if you are trying to make a legitimate business connection, it’s more professional to send a well thought out email.

You Use Text Lingo

Save the LOL and emojis for text messages and keep them out of your emails (unless you’re emailing your BFF). Even though email is quick and convenient, it is still a means of professional communications.

You Reply All or Don’t

Think about who actually needs to be included on an email, and only send it to them. A lot of the time, there’s no reason for half of the people to be included in a constant “Reply All” email chain. Show that you value everyone’s time by only emailing the people who need to receive that information. On the other hand, make sure you don’t leave out important people. There’s nothing worse than someone not being copied on an email and being unaware of the changes or deal at hand. Think before you send.

Everyone is guilty of these email blunders but being conscious about your email etiquette is key in our professional environment. Don’t be afraid to ask a trusted co-worker for their honest feedback on your emails; showing that you genuinely care and want to improve yourself is a great trait!

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