Top 3 CRM Features To Boost Your Sales

Top 3 CRM Features To Boost Your Sales

Making our commercial real estate CRM software work for you is easy as 1-2-3. Here are three things you should do every day to make sure you’re staying on top of what’s important in your CRE business.

#1: Add and Update Your Contacts

Building and maintaining relationships is the lifeblood of your commercial real estate business. Contact management is at the core of everything you do in ClientLook CRM. It’s easy to keep track of everything you need to know about your prospects and clients. That accumulated data is a gold mine, but it takes a commitment to ensure you capture everything you need.

Details like phone numbers, leasing information, relationships between contacts, and the results of all types of communication are just a click away in ClientLook. Spend a few seconds after every call to log the details of the conversation; it will pay off big down the road. And don’t forget about the team of back-office assistants that’s included with ClientLook. They can make any data entry even easier.

#2: Add Tasks and Events

Staying in touch with all the people you’re tracking is critical to growing your business. I’m a firm believer that you should have your next follow up activity scheduled in ClientLook for every contact. Even if it’s something as simple as a call in three months just to touch base, it’s vital that you commit yourself to maintaining the relationship. Once all your follow ups are in the system, then you are on autopilot. Simply pull up your activities every day and accomplish your planned tasks and events.

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#3: Work On Your Deals

Successful relationship building leads to assignments. A “Deal” in ClientLook is any assignment or potential assignment that could result in earning money. ClientLook allows you to relate your contacts, updates and activities to deals you are working on. It’s easy.

By relating everything you do to the appropriate deal, you have a comprehensive log of all the relevant data in one place. Your deals can even serve as a differentiating reporting mechanism since you can provide real-time access to your clients. You can also generate traditional marketing activity reports to satisfy the non-techies.

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Our most successful subscribers open ClientLook first thing in the morning, and don’t close it until the end of the day. Our commercial real estate CRM makes it easy to organize all of your essential business information; allowing you to boost your efficiency for maximum productivity.

If you’re not a ClientLook subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how easy it can be to transform your commercial real estate business.

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