Tips For Working Remotely With Your CRE Team

Tips For Working Remotely With Your CRE Team

Tips For Working Remotely With Your CRE Team

Before March of 2020, most commercial real estate professionals worked in the office the majority of the time. Teams were located together, so they knew how to communicate and interact face to face. Due to COVID, many CRE professionals were forced to leave the office with no notice and are now navigating working with a remote team. Over the past year, there have been many changes to our work life. Some states now allow people to return to the office, while others are still restricted. Many teams are still operating remotely from home or with a mix of team members in the office, while others continue to work remotely. Use these tips to boost your efficiency while working remotely with your CRE team:

Communication Is Key

Working remotely requires all of us to communicate better than we did when we worked in the office. We’re all jugging various at home responsibilities in addition to work. Communicate with your boss and your team to let them know your availability for being on the computer as well as when you can be reached by phone or text. If you’re struggling with your workload, adapting to working remotely, or simply have questions about the changes, speak up! It’s best to communicate so your questions can be answered and everyone has clear expectations.

Schedule Team Calls

It’s normal to miss the face to face interaction with your CRE colleagues, so schedule team calls via Zoom to get everyone together. It’s the perfect way to discuss current projects, get updates on workload status, as well as chat about client interactions. When everyone is aware of what each person on the team is working it, it unifies the team and helps everyone be more productive. Zoom calls are also a great way to replace the in-office conversations and get questions answered on the spot.

Stick To A Schedule

Remember when you could expect that your team would show up to the office at 8am, and you knew that Jen leaves at 2pm and Steve leaves at 5pm? Those consistent schedules let everyone on the team know when you’re available. While working remotely has thrown us all for a loop, it’s best to create a new remote schedule that everyone on the team is aware of. Need to pick up your kids at 3pm? No biggie – just let your team know that you pop out for 30 minutes so they don’t schedule meetings during that timeframe. A consistent schedule, and communication with your team, are essential – especially when working remotely.

Have Fun

I’ve spoke with several people lately who miss the office “fun”. The monthly birthday celebrations, the pot-lucks, holiday parties, and even the morning “water cooler” chatter. Find fun ways to replace these casual team interactions virtually. Schedule virtual coffee breaks and engaging activities. Even short stretching sessions, or having a phone call while taking a walk around the block can create camaraderie while boosting endorphins.


Technology has made the way we do business much easier over the years, and thankfully it allows us to work remotely. Having a commercial real estate CRM software is essential for staying organized and boosting your productivity. Keep all of your contacts, properties, deals, tasks, and notes up to date, and you’ll be able to access this information anytime, anywhere. With ClientLook CRM, you can give members of your team access to all or part of your CRM data so everyone is on the same page. When you have a call with a client, make a note so your team knows how the interaction went. Since all of your essential CRE information will be updated daily in your CRM, it’s the single best way to share information while working remotely with your CRE team.

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