The Importance of Targeted Email Campaigns in CRE

Targeted Email Campaigns in CRE

The Importance of Targeted Email Campaigns in CRE

A contact record for your next big client is probably sitting in your commercial real estate CRM right now. It’s among a potentially long list of likely prospects who may or may not be looking for your services or product offering right now. The big challenge is how to identify opportunities who are ready now by employing more targeted marketing techniques.

The first consideration should be the organization of your contacts. If your contacts aren’t easily accessible within a centralized CRM then solve that problem first. Once you’ve got your list then take the time to setup categories and groups to help label contacts based on their interests, timing, etc. Examples of such groups may be “industrial investors for Los Angeles” or “tenants on the southside”, etc. Simple segmenting like this is the cornerstone of any a good CRM platform.

Once you’ve got everybody labeled, then you need to be able to easily retrieve these lists. Find a solution that allows you to create ad-hoc prospect lists for just about anything you can come up with. Once you have your list then you can employ the tips below to maximize your email marketing campaigns.

Keep the “From” box personal

Don’t use your company’s name as the sender of emails to prospects. This will decrease the likelihood that the message ever gets open. Using your own name humanizes your message, and will also result in recognition of your name over time. Your contacts will see you as a person, not a corporation, and will be more receptive.

Be relevant and specific

Don’t automate your campaign to the point that people are getting messages about opportunities that don’t really apply to them. This is an instant turnoff, and a waste of everyone’s time. You’re much more likely to get a response if you categorize your prospects according to several criteria like location, property type, or likely budget.

Create urgency

If appropriate, include language in the subject line that indicates time sensitivity. If a deal is one that will move quickly, inform your recipients of that fact up front. Implied scarcity resonates so use it to entice action.

Take time into account

Experiment with sending email at different times and on different days. Research has found that messages sent in mid-morning on Tuesday through Thursday are most likely to be opened. This makes sense, but it may or may not apply in your situation. If your response rate is abysmal, it may be useful to shift the time frame a bit.

Document, track, evaluate

Keep careful records and check the response rates for your email campaign. Use the information to improve your results. Never assume that you are doing all you could be without checking the data.

Email marketing services like MailChimp provide all of the data you need to evaluate you campaign’s effectiveness. ClientLook has integrated MailChimp into its CRM platform. It offers a whole new way to send targeted email campaigns and helps identify the best prospects based on engagement.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of any email marketing campaign is choosing the right recipients. Integrating this function into your comprehensive management platform connects you with all of the relevant information on those contacts, ensuring that you will make contact when the time is right.

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