The heart of CRM

The heart of CRM

commercial real estate CRM software

Let’s start with a definition. CRM is an acronym which stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. When it comes to a commercial real estate CRM, it’s all about nurturing and growing your professional relationships. Providing a better level of service to your clients. Making sure you follow through on your commitments. Ensuring you don’t lose opportunities needlessly.

The heart of CRM is recording everything you do with, and know about, your prospects and clients. It’s the most basic part of the system and the one that makes everything else work. If you don’t make a note about your discussion with a client this morning, you can’t expect to find that information next week or 5 years from now. If you know that Bob Smith is in 10,000 square feet and his lease expires in December 2018, but you don’t put it in ClientLook, you won’t find Bob when you search for tenants of that size expiring in 2018.

When you talk to anyone, make an update on their record. If you read an article about a prospect, jot down a few notes. When you get off the phone with someone, immediately set a task for your next follow up call. When you book an appointment, make sure it gets on your calendar. If you see that someone’s cell phone number is missing from their record, add it. Don’t have someone’s email address? Call them and get it, and then add it to the system.

Commercial real estate is a relationship business. ClientLook is all about helping you manage those relationships. Don’t shortchange yourself – to get the most out of the system, remember to put it in the system.

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