The Best Technologies For All CRE Professionals To Utilize

Best Technologies For All CRE Professionals

The Best Technologies For All CRE Professionals To Utilize

Have you ever really thought about how much technology has a positive impact on your day to day life? It’s amazing to see how different our lives are today compared to just a few years ago, and this fast-paced era of new technology isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. While you don’t have to use every new technology that comes out, it’s best to stay on top of the new trends so you can jump on board when it will help your commercial real estate business. Let’s take a look at the top technologies that you should be utilizing:

Social Media

Ok, social media isn’t exactly a “new” technology trend since it’s been around for several years, but I couldn’t leave this one off the list. Social media has given us a way to connect with current clients, potential clients, and industry professionals in real time and it’s completely free. You should be utilizing social media in your commercial real estate business to share your expertise and market knowledge, photos or videos of properties and events, and to connect with other people in the industry. If you don’t already have a business profile on LinkedIn and Twitter, start there first. If you’re ready to jump all in, then you can also consider setting up a Facebook or Instagram page. Just remember to keep it professional in nature; have a separate Facebook profile to keep up with your family and friends, and a business profile to connect with others in the commercial real estate industry.

Mobile Optimization

Having your own website or blog is a great way to market yourself and generate content that attracts new clients; just make sure your website is mobile-responsive. Everyone is on the move, and many of your readers are viewing your site from their smart phone or tablet, not just their office computer. Give all your viewers a great experience by having an optimized website that automatically resizes your content and web pages based on the device that your reader is using.


Drones and aerial photography were a hot topic this year in commercial real estate. Not only do aerial photos and videos look amazing in your marketing materials, but it gives potential buyers or tenants a 360 degree view of the property and where it’s located in relation to nearby landmarks. If you don’t want to purchase a drone yourself, just Google “aerial photographer” and your city to check out the photographers that offer this service. You can use aerial photos and videos on your brochures, offering memorandums, website or blog, social media, email marketing campaigns, and much more. Grab the viewers attention, and close the deal faster with eye-catching images.

Mobile CRM

You’re busy; we get it! That’s why your CRM should keep up with you, wherever you are. We have many ClientLook users tell us that they start and end their day with our CRM. It’s the one technology that will keep you organized with your everyday tasks, document contact and property deals, and help you stay on top of the market. If you’re looking to save time, boost your productivity, and make more money, utilizing a CRM can help. Our platform works with any mobile device through your browser, or the iPhone app adds amazing features that make our intuitive mobile CRM experience even better. Oh, and don’t forget to utilize our exclusive Virtual Assistant team to handle your data entry and much more when you’re on the go. Simply send them an email or voicemail with your requested updates, and they will be completed for you with speed and accuracy.

Cloud Based Files

Speaking of being able to access and update your CRM from anywhere, you should also be able to access all of your working documents from anywhere as well. That’s why cloud based applications, such as Google Drive and Dropbox are so popular among commercial real estate professionals. Never worry about leaving a document on your office computer when you have all your files stored in the cloud. You have enough on your plate to think about already and accessing all of your files shouldn’t be one of them. We use and recommend G Suite by Google so you can effortlessly access your email, your calendar, and your files from anywhere.

Virtual Reality

Over the past couple of years, virtual reality technology has come a long way. What started out as a gaming technology has evolved to being a useful business tool. For commercial real estate, virtual reality tours are currently being used for some of the highest priced properties on the market. However, just like any technology, the price will soon come down and it will become more mainstream. Using virtual reality can help you win more deals and sell properties faster, since clients will be able to “tour” properties without even leaving their office. This is especially beneficial for clients who are located out of town and can’t easily schedule an in-person property tour. We will be keeping on eye on this exciting technology in 2018!

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