Team sharing in ClientLook

Team sharing in ClientLook

ClientLook allows you to share your database of contacts, companies and commercial real estate deals with your whole company, a leasing or sales team, an assistant, or with collaborators across the globe. But we also give you the tools to create teams within your user list, allowing you to fine tune how you share your data.

The first step is to set up a shared database. Obviously, if you aren’t sharing data with anyone, then the discussion of teams is irrelevant. Many new ClientLook customers start out with a shared database, where everyone on the office is set up on one account.

Each person can then choose to share certain contacts and keep others private. Any update created on any record can also be shared or kept private. This allows you to share a contact record, and yet keep a particular confidential discussion to yourself. The same ability applies to anything you create in ClientLook – contacts, companies, deals, updates, appointments and tasks.

The next step is to set up teams. In addition to sharing something with “Everyone” or keeping it private to “Just me”, you can choose to share things with specific teams of people. A few examples: “Executive Management”, “Retail Leasing Team” or even “John, Pete and Robert”.

Once you have your teams in place, any member of a team will have that team name available to select when they specify the sharing level for any item they create in ClientLook.

One hint: We recommend creating a team called “Internal”, which will consist of all of the people you share your database with. You might wonder how that differs from simply sharing with “Everyone”. The answer is – “deals”. In ClientLook, you can invite outside parties to collaborate with you on deals you create, which allows them to log in to ClientLook to access the specific deals you choose to share with them. Suppose you decide to invite a property owner to participate in the deal you have set up for his listing at “123 Main Street”. You might want to be able to share a note with your team related to the listing, but you don’t want the owner to see it when he logs in. All you have to do is share the note (what we call an “Update”) with the “Internal” team, which means everyone in your office can see it but the client cannot.

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