Sync Google with Outlook

How to sync Google with Outlook

One of the most important aspects of using a CRM solution is having your contact information available wherever you are, and whenever you need it. However storing contacts in different buckets make organizing your contact and calendar data quite difficult. You would like all of your devices to share a common calendar and contact list.

The ClientLook commercial real estate CRM will sync Google with Outlook through a free Gmail account or Google Apps. We chose Google because almost all mobile devices can easily sync with Google. It also offers the easiest solution around, which is also super fast and scalable.

For many corporate users, however, Microsoft Outlook is a company standard. You get meeting invitations and company events are frequently scheduled in Outlook. You may also sync your phone with your Outlook account. If you want to add Outlook into the sync loop, and have Google (and ClientLook) sync to your Outlook software, then we have a simple solution.

CompanionLink for Google is a great third-party software program that will sync Google with Outlook. This works great since ClientLook syncs with Google. Your contact and calendar data will flow effortlessly between your CLientLook account, Google and Outlook.

CompanionLink has a low one-time purchase price of $49 for the software. Click the link above for more information and to purchase or download a free 14 day trial. CompanionLink is a great tool to sync Google with Outlook and has been specializing in sync for over 15 years. Their software works very well. ClientLook subscribers have had very positive results and recommend it.

Once you purchase CompanionLink, the Customer Support team at ClientLook can install and configure it to sync Google with Outlook for you. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment. That way, any changes you make to your contacts or schedule in ClientLook, Outlook, Google or on your mobile device will be pushed to all the others.

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