Sync ClientLook with Google

Sync ClientLook with Google

Stay connected to ClientLook wherever you go. Setup an automatic wireless two-way sync between ClientLook and your mobile devices (phone and tablet) and even Outlook. All you need is a free Gmail account, or a Google Apps business account to get started.

Features include:

  1. Uses Google as a hub to sync with all of your mobile device(s) and Outlook.
  2. Connects with anything that syncs with Google.
  3. Syncs to the native address book and calendar built into your mobile device. No new app to learn.
  4. Wireless sync runs continuously on a periodic basis without any user interaction.
  5. Sync all contacts or just a group.

How to avoid duplicates on initial sync

Before initiating your sync for the first time, please ensure that there are no duplicate contacts or activities across any device(s) or accounts that you intend to sync with ClientLook. Otherwise these records may become duplicates in your synced accounts.

How to sync ClientLook with your phone

Now that you’re syncing ClientLook with your Google account, you can sync your contacts and activities with your phone. That way, any changes you make on your phone or in ClientLook will be synced back and forth. Visit Google sync for your phone to setup your iPhone, Droid, Nokia or Windows Mobile device.

Mobile access to ClientLook tasks

ClientLook events sync directly into your mobile device’s built-in calendar, but where are the tasks? You’ll access those separately, and you have several options including:

  1. Mobile browser. Access tasks directly through Google’s mobile app using your phone’s web browser. More details are available on Google’s website. Tip: Add a web shortcut on your phone or tablet to Google’s online app for easier access.
  2. iPhone app. A current staff favorite comes from Chuck Cutler who has been trying out GoTasks. It’s free and includes offline syncing. Check it out.
  3. Android app. A staff pick for Android comes from John Dawson who is currently using the free version of GTasks. It has great sorting capabilities, and works offline too.

How to sync ClientLook with Outlook

ClientLook can sync to Outlook via Google as well. See our article How to sync Google calendar and Google contacts with Microsoft Outlook for details.

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