Supercharge Your Client Activity Reporting with ClientLook

Activity Reporting with ClientLook CRM

Supercharge Your Activity Reporting with ClientLook

We’ve added a new feature to ClientLook that’s going to allow you to be much more responsive to your clients when reporting on deal activity. As you may know, a “Deal” in ClientLook is anything that you might get paid for – a listing, a tenant rep assignment, a site selection deal, a lease renegotiation, a development project – any kind of assignment or deal that you are working on.

In ClientLook, you make notes (what we call “Updates”) on the records of the people you talk to about your deals, and then link those updates back to the deal record. You bcc: your ClientLook deals on email correspondence that relates to them, and then you can share the deal with your clients so they can log in and collaborate with you on their project.

Now, we’ve made it easier for you to keep those clients in the loop with “push” activity reporting. You can send activity reports for deals to all (or some) of your clients simultaneously through our integration with MailChimp. It takes just a few mouse clicks, and allows your clients to view deal-related updates without having to log in to ClientLook. Of course, you will have to enable and set up the MailChimp integration for your account first (if you haven’t yet done so, see this article).

Here’s how it works:

You’ve connected MailChimp to your ClientLook account. Now you need to make sure that you have your clients invited to the deals that you represent for them. If you haven’t already done this, here’s a quick article that shows you how to relate your clients to the appropriate deals and invite them to the online “war room.”

Next, from the main list of deals, select all or some of your deals for reporting by placing a check in the box next to each one you want to select (or click the “Select all” box at the top of the column to select every deal). Then, from the “Options” menu, select “Email activity report.”

This will display a popup box that allows you to customize your email settings. You will see the total number of collaborators (clients) the email is being sent to at the top. Fill out the subject line of the email they will receive, and choose the name and email address that you want it to come from. Give this email campaign a unique name to identify it within the ClientLook “Marketing” module. Choose how you wish to share the campaign among your account users, then hit the “Send Options” button to either send it immediately, or schedule it for later. That’s it – you’re done!

Your clients will receive an email with a unique link that will take them online to view the report. They will not be required to log into ClientLook to view the report unless they want to add updates or comments. Here’s an example of what it looks like for one of our sample deals. Notice that the updates are neatly organized in our new “Category” view. Your client can always choose the old chronological view from the “Options” menu if they prefer.

Now you can easily and quickly keep your clients in the loop as often as you desire with a few clicks of the mouse. Another ClientLook innovation!

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