Summertime productivity hacks for brokers

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3 Summertime Productivity Hacks for Brokers

The typical life of a commercial real estate broker is already full of distractions that can hinder productivity and cause unnecessary stress. Now summer rolls along and offers even more challenges to achieving your activity and financial goes. It seems like the next months months are always the toughest to accomplish even the most basic activities.

Here are three summertime productivity hacks for commercial real estate professionals to stay on top of their busy schedules while still enjoying the good life.

Set Aside a Specific Time for Email and Social Media

Posting content to your social media accounts and responding to emails are two of the most time consuming parts of your day. Many brokers don’t even realize how much time they are spending doing these two tasks. Eliminate this distraction by setting aside a specific time and duration for both of these.

Dedicate 30 or 45 minutes to answering emails and spending time on LinkedIn or Twitter or any other social media site. When the time is up, finish sending your emails and hop off social media to get back to your other tasks. Be disciplined so that you regain control of your day.

Stop Trying to Multitask

Multitasking simply doesn’t work because the human brain just doesn’t scale. It may sound like a good idea to try to tackle multiple tasks at one time to feel more productive, but in reality you aren’t giving all of your time and focus to each task individually. Studies today show that everything suffers. More is not always better.

Focus on one task at a time and set a timer for 25 minutes to work solely on that task. When the time is up, take a five-minute break and move onto the next task. Or, resume where you left off with a fresh perspective. You may find yourself more creative and productive by giving your dedicated attention to one thing at a time in short bursts of energy. It helps a lot of people to reduce their stress level too.

Take the Time to Rest

As hectic as the commercial real estate industry is and as plugged in as we always are with email and work constantly at our fingertips, it’s important to remember to rest. If possible, take a nap when you feel tired. It’s been been proven that taking a nap will help improve your performance and increase concentration and productivity. During the hot summer months, running from meeting to meeting and constantly being on the go can be a daunting and exhausting. Dedicate time to recharge.

Technology has done wonders in helping brokers run their commercial real estate businesses more easily, but it also presents great distractions that challenge productivity.

As the industry continues to boom across the nation, every season becomes busier and busier. Make sure you are doing everything you can to increase your productivity levels, especially during the summer months when the work can pile up and feel overwhelming.

These three summertime productivity hacks for commercial real estate brokers should help you stay on top of your game and help close more deals.

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