Stay Organized With ClientLook’s “Groups” Feature

Stay Organized With ClientLook’s “Groups” Feature

“Groups” within our commercial real estate CRM software allow you to create lists and organize your records. Each module in ClientLook – contacts, companies, deals, properties, comps and listings – can have its own set of groups. Groups are a great way to categorize things that couldn’t necessarily be found by searching data fields.

Examples of Groups

There are lots of ways to use groups. They’re flexible and allow you to segment your data into smaller lists very easily. Here are some examples.

  • Contacts: Broker mailing list, hot prospects, holiday card list, top 20 clients, CCIM members, office tenants
  • Companies: Technology firms, light industrial users, previous clients, vendors, growing companies
  • Deals: 3rd quarter closings, property management assignments, closed pipeline deals
  • Comps: Internal comps, Our properties, East Valley Industrial comps, 2020 Office comps
  • Properties: Industrial over 50,000 SF, under management, Smith Company properties, target buildings

You can create groups for anything you can dream up. Groups allow you to very quickly pull up a subset of your data and keep everyone (and everything) better organized.

How To Create A Group

To create a group, simply click on your name in the upper right corner of ClientLook and select “Setup”.

ClientLook CRM Groups Feature_1

You’ll find a tab labeled “Groups”. Here you can create, edit and delete groups for all the different modules.

ClientLook CRM Groups Feature_2

Groups can be shared across your account, limited to just a team or even kept private to you. When creating a group just change the “Sharing” level to whatever you’d like. This is the same consistent sharing feature you’ll find throughout ClientLook.

ClientLook CRM Groups Feature_3

Adding Records To A Group

To add a record, whether it’s a contact, company, deal, listing, comp or property to a group, simply pull up the record you want to add (for example, click on a contact’s name to open that contact record) and go to the “Groups” tab on that record. This tab displays all groups that record is a member of and allows you to add or remove the groups related to this record. The list on the left shows all available groups; the list on the right shows those groups this record is a member of. Simply choose items from the left and use the arrow button to shuffle those groups to the right to add them. Click “Save” to save your changes.

ClientLook CRM Groups Feature_4

Working With Groups

Once you have added records to a group, from the list view within any module you can quickly pull up all group members by selecting the group name from the “Show” menu.

ClientLook CRM Groups Feature_5

Sending Mailchimp email blasts to a group

Our Mailchimp integration allows you to send email blasts directly from Mailchimp to any ClientLook group. All you have to do is set a group to synchronize to Mailchimp. See our blog post on setting up and using Mailchimp sync for fast, easy instructions.

“Slicing and dicing” your data in ClientLook CRM to pull up exactly the records you are looking for is really simple. Between the groups functionality and the advanced searching capabilities, you can zoom in on exactly what you need quickly and easily.

If you’re not a ClientLook subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how easy it is to get organized.

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