Social Media Marketing Tips For CRE Professionals

Social Media For Commercial Real Estate

Social Media Marketing Tips For CRE Professionals

As a commercial real estate professional, you have to be concerned not only with your current clients, but with reaching a wider audience of potential clients as well. In order to grow your business, you need to grow your clientele and close more deals. Thankfully, social media can help. Let’s talk about the top tips for effectively utilizing social media for your commercial real estate business.

Pick Your Platforms

It seems like everyday there’s a new social media platform popping up, and it would get quite time-consuming if you tried to keep up with all of them. Instead, pick one or two platforms to start with as you can always sign up for additional platforms in the future. For commercial real estate, I highly recommend Twitter and LinkedIn. Those two social media platforms have thousands of other CRE users and tons of industry specific content is being posted and shared daily. If you’re feeling ambitious you can also check out Facebook and Instagram as well. The key is to go where your ideal clients are. You want to make sure that you are targeting your ideal audience, so do a little research before jumping all in.

Post Consistently

With social media, it’s best to post on a consistent schedule. That could be once per day, three times per day, or just three times per week on each platform. Social media can be time consuming, so you want to post consistently, on a schedule that works with your schedule. I know several commercial real estate brokers who spend the first, or last, 30 minutes of the day on social media. I also know other CRE professionals who seem like they are always on social media. Find a balance that works for you; start with an easy posting schedule, and gradually add in more posts as you get more comfortable with each platform.

Have A Strategy

As with all types of marketing, you should have a strategy in place to get the most out of it. Remember that social media platforms are an amazing form of advertising for you and your business. Even though it’s free, you still want to put thought and effort into it. Share your content consistently across all the platforms that you are actively using, since you will reach a different audience on Twitter than you will on LinkedIn. The key is to get more eyes on your content, so it’s ok to post the same thing on multiple platforms each day. Part of your social media strategy should include what you post. Here are a few suggestions on the types of content to share:

  • Your active property listings
  • Recently closed transactions (share your wins!)
  • Local market news
  • Links to your blog posts (Read: Why You Need A Commercial Real Estate Blog)
  • Client reviews
  • Photos from office or networking events
  • Current news from reliable CRE sources

In addition to sharing your own content, it is also common to share articles from reliable sources that your target audience will also be interested in, such as from CREpress, The Broker List, Real Estate Tech News, Buildout, and Duke Long’s blog. If you share articles, tag the source to give credit to the original person or company who created the content.

Keep It Social

Be social on social media. Don’t just drop your post and run; stay online for at least a few minutes to actively engage with your followers. If you receive a comment on your post, take a moment to reply. Follow other related industry professionals and companies and like, share, or comment on their posts occasionally.

Be Professional

It’s best to set up separate accounts for your commercial real estate business. You may already have a personal Facebook account that you use to share photos of your family, your recent vacations, and your personal life with your friends and family. Leave that account as-is and create a new business account where you share professional posts. Your profile photo should be your head shot photo, your contact information should be your office location, company email address, and business phone number, and your posts should be related to your commercial real estate business and appeal to your target clientele. You still want to let your personality shine through, but remember that you would talk to a client differently than you would talk to your friends.

Social media is one of the best ways to market your commercial real estate business and reach a wider audience. Remember that building a large following takes times, and it’s best to focus on the quality of your followers not just the quantity.

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