Sharing Screen Captures and Videos With Jing

Sharing Screen Captures and Videos With Jing

Sharing Screen Captures and Videos With Jing

One of the support tools that we use here at ClientLook CRM to share screen images and short videos with our users is called Jing. Jing is a free service from TechSmith, the company behind the popular SnagIt and Camtasia programs. It allows you to grab an image of the screen or record a short video (under 5 minutes), and then share it through an online link with anyone by email.

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You can use Jing to share information with coworkers, clients, other brokers, family members or anyone you wish. It’s really simple to use and works on both Mac and PC computers.

The first step is to download and install the Jing software. Once installed it will place a small icon at the very top of your screen that you can use to launch it whenever needed. Let’s say I want to share a view of my screen; I simply click the “Jing” button and capture and annotate what I see:

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This makes it easy to help someone who is having issues with a website, your internal corporate software, etc. Just capture an image of the relevant part of the screen and use the arrows, highlighter pen and text overlays to point out anything that you are trying to explain.

When you’re done, simply save the image using the “Save” button or copy it into memory and paste it into an email.

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Another great option is the ability to record and share a video of your screen. This is really handy when you need to guide someone through a series of steps. If you have a headset or microphone on your computer, then you can even narrate your video to provide detailed instructions.

Sharing Screen Captures and Videos With Jing_4Click here to view an example of a quick video I just recorded.

Once your video is recorded, you can save it and email it, or even better – share it through their free Screencast service so you don’t have to save the video on your computer. It will be uploaded to their servers and you will receive a link like the one above to send to your recipient. It’s fast, easy and free!

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