Setting up telephone auto dial in ClientLook

Setting up telephone auto dial in ClientLook

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply click on a contact’s phone number in your commercial real estate CRM, and automatically dial that number? Well, it’s simple with Google Voice, a free service from Google that works with ClientLook CRM.

If you aren’t familiar with Google Voice, it’s a great free service that allows you to have one phone number that rings any or all of your other numbers. (See our previous Google Voice review for the complete story). You can choose a new phone number, or transfer over any number you already own. When people call your Google Voice number, they will be automatically routed to your choice of office, home, or cell phone number, or all simultaneously, depending on how you set up your account. For example, you can set it up so that callers you don’t know can be routed to your office number, while calls from friends and family can ring your home phone and mobile phone simultaneously. They will only have to remember one phone number going forward.

Google Voice includes voice mail; recorded messages are instantly forwarded to your email inbox, accompanied by a computer-transcribed copy of the message.

For outgoing calls in ClientLook, you simply need to install the free Google Voice add-in for the Google Chrome web browser. This small utility converts phone numbers in ClientLook and other web sites into hyperlinks. To dial that phone number, simply click the link. A box will pop up allowing you to select which of your phones to use. Google Voice will then ring your phone almost instantly. As soon as you answer, Google will connect your call to the person you wanted to call. The other party will see your Google Voice number on their Caller ID – so calls placed from your cell phone won’t reveal your actual cell phone number, for example.

Google Voice also has apps for both iPhone and Android, so you can directly dial numbers using your Google Voice phone number from your mobile device.

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