Sending a MailChimp Campaign via ClientLook

Sending a MailChimp Campaign via ClientLook

If you’re doing any kind of commercial real estate marketing, then you’re probably quite familiar with MailChimp. MailChimp is a popular email marketing solution that’s used by millions. On top of being able to create emails that look great, MailChimp also has the ability to manage all of your email lists including statistics related to open rates, clicks, and the ones that unsubscribe.

Did you know that you can easily connect your MailChimp account to ClientLook via your account credentials or a MailChimp API key? You can! In fact you can connect a single shared MailChimp account to multiple ClientLook accounts.

If you need help connecting your MailChimp account to ClientLook, then check out this post to assist. Otherwise, let’s explore how easy it is to use MailChimp once it’s been connected to ClientLook.

Sending a Campaign

If you’re looking to send a MailChimp campaign with ClientLook, here are simple steps to get it done.

  1. From the Contacts list view in ClientLook, click “Send MailChimp email” under the Options menu.
  2. Choose your desired email template from the list of customized templates created in your connected MailChimp account.
  3. Fill in the necessary information such as the email subject, reply-to name, etc. From here, you can also choose to include information on related deals and properties, and also include Google Analytics.
  4. Once you’ve completed all of the information, the message is ready to be scheduled for a future date and time, or you can choose to send the message immediately.

Powerful email marketing features

The MailChimp integration within ClientLook includes some other really great features you may have missed:

  1. Use ClientLook to store all of your email recipients, and organize those recipients into marketing groups.
  2. Perform on-the-fly advanced searches in ClientLook to find the exact list of targeted recipients.
  3. Automatically sync ClientLook contacts with MailChimp.
  4. Identify top prospects by viewing campaign stats inside ClientLook.
  5. Access MailChimp email engagement stats within a ClientLook contact record.
  6. Send MailChimp templates to a single recipient in ClientLook by connecting Mandrill from MailChimp as well.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to integrate with MailChimp and send a campaign, it’s time to start making your CRM work for you. We are happy to give you a live demo of this MailChimp integration in action.. Connect with us today!

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