Schedule Your ClientLook CRM Success Audit

Schedule Your ClientLook CRM Success Audit

  • Have you had your Success Audit yet? It’s a 15 minute interview conducted by our special team of commercial real estate software experts here at ClientLook. We call them the Success Team and their sole focus is helping our subscribers get the most out of our CRM.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced commercial real estate veteran who has been using ClientLook for years, or a rookie just getting started. The Success Team knows how to help anyone at any level maximize the use of our platform.

    It’s a good idea to have a complimentary Success Audit every six months or so. It’s sort of like a business check up.

    The Success Audit Interview

  • Schedule Your ClientLook CRM Success Audit

During your Success Audit, our Success Team will conduct an interview to understand all the ways that your business could improve using untapped features of ClientLook. Here is a list of some of things they will explore:

  • Your specialty. What property and transaction types do you work with?
  • Teaming and how you may wish to share and/or privatize your data.
  • Your current client reporting process and future needs. We can make a big impact here.
  • Legacy and 3rd party data sources that you wish to import. We have a Success Service for that.
  • The suite of other technology tools you rely upon. We’ll help with integrations.
  • Your mobile strategy. Are you fully leveraging all the mobile features of ClientLook?
  • Your technical aptitude. How detailed does our involvement need to be?

Your Personalized Action Plan

Using the results of your interview, we’ll develop a personalized action plan to identify solutions for all your needs. This plan will include a list of resources available from ClientLook to help you meet your goals. We’ll be there to assist you every step of the way.

At ClientLook, we believe that getting off on the right foot is vital to your engagement with any technology tool and we’re committed to helping you supercharge your sales and leasing efforts using the industry’s best all-in-one CRM platform. Give us 15 minutes and we’ll give you the roadmap you need to succeed. Call us today at 888-552-5665 or click below to get the ball rolling.

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