How To Reorder Your Tabs In ClientLook

How To Reorder Your Tabs In ClientLook

How To Reorder Your Tabs In ClientLook

One of the feature requests we receive often from our commercial real estate software users is to allow you to change the order of the tabs on a detail record, whether it be contacts, deals or any other record. You asked – we listened!

The ClientLook Winter 2018 Release added the ability to change the tab order separately in each module. You could have the “Overview” tab come first for contacts, the “Updates” tab first for deals, and the “Related” tab first for properties.

Here’s how it works. The default order is “Overview”, then “Updates”, and finally “Related”.

Reorder Tabs in ClientLook CRM_1

Simply position your mouse over the tab you wish to move and hold down the left mouse button. This will select that tab.

Reorder Tabs in ClientLook CRM_2

Now just drag the tab to the left or right until your mouse reaches the location you want the tab to appear.

Reorder Tabs in ClientLook CRM_3

Let go of the mouse button to drop the tab in its new location. That’s it – you’ve moved the tab to your desired location!

Reorder Tabs in ClientLook CRM_4

The system will remember your choice so the next time you log in, the tabs will appear in the same order you just chose for each module. Note that you may specify a different tab order for each module like Contacts, Properties, Deals, etc. Also, your tab order is personal to you. Other users on your shared ClientLook account have the flexibility to organize their tabs however they see fit.

Many of the ideas for new features come from you, our valued subscribers. Do you have a good idea you want to share with us?  Let us know! Simply email us to suggest a feature.

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