How To Relate Multiple Contacts To A Deal

How To Relate Multiple Contacts To A Deal

Within our commercial real estate CRM, deals represent any assignment you are working on that may result in you getting paid. Relating your prospects to those deals allows you to track activity with those people as it applies to the deal.

While you can certainly attach people one at a time to a deal as they become involved, you can also now relate a bunch of contacts at once. You can do a search for those people in the contacts module, or pull up a group that consists of those people, or even import them from a spreadsheet – and then relate them all at once to the deal quickly and easily. Here’s how!

Pull up a contact list that contains all the people you wish to relate in ClientLook. You can do this by:

1. Doing an advanced search and entering any criteria you choose. A list of matching search results will appear.

Multiple Contacts To A Deal In ClientLook_1

2. Pulling up the members of an existing group that you previously created

Multiple Contacts To A Deal In ClientLook_2

3. Import contacts from a spreadsheet, then select the “Import group” we created for you automatically

Multiple Contacts To A Deal In ClientLook_3

Once you have the people you want displayed in the contact list view, simply check the “Select all” box to select all of these contacts simultaneously

Multiple Contacts To A Deal In ClientLook_4

Then, from the “Options” menu, choose “Add to deal”

Multiple Contacts To A Deal In ClientLook_5

Choose the deal you wish to relate these contacts to, choose a relationship type that will apply to all of them and the sharing level and assigned to user. Then simply click the “Relate this deal” button, and you’re done! All of these contacts are now related to your selected deal.

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