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PRESS RELEASE- Laguna Niguel, CA – Today we’re announcing that a commercial real estate property database is coming to ClientLook CRM. This free module is designed by industry experts to accommodate the specific needs of the growing list of commercial real estate professionals using ClientLook.

Subscribers can create and maintain a database of properties that will seamlessly integrate with ClientLook contacts, projects, deals and more. Like everything in ClientLook, the new property module will be simple to use. Property data may be imported or manually added.

This module establishes ClientLook as the only commercial real estate CRM software to offer contact management, project management, a private social network and now a property database in one cloud-based solution. A release date will be made available soon. See below for more details.

CRM with commercial real estate data

ClientLook is the simplest cloud-based solution for managing contacts, your calendar and projects. Now it’s becoming the easiest way to track all the commercial real estate data you care about. Use our CRM to maintain your own inventory of properties, so critical information is always at your fingertips.

Click the Properties menu to access your team’s inventory. Forget about the clutter and complexity that’s typical of property databases though. ClientLook’s intuitive design means you spend less time on tedious work and more time making deals. Use pre-configured database fields or create your own to accommodate any specialty or use.

Who owns that property?

Every property in ClientLook provides easy access to the contacts you’ve linked to it. You can easily manage the changing relationships between a property and its owners, investors, tenants, vendors and more. There’s no better way to stay on top of everything in one place.

Lookup a property and click the Contacts tab to see who owns it, or a list of tenants, investors or any of other linked contacts you’re tracking. You can even link properties to your ongoing projects and deals for a complete picture of your market.

Track property records for contacts

Turn your daily CRM activity into property intelligence. Effortlessly link a contact to one or more properties as an owner, tenant, broker, investor or any other custom tag you create.

From any ClientLook contact, click the new Properties tab to view a snapshot of your proprietary list of linked properties. Click any address to view the complete details for that property.

Property search

With powerful property search tools you can slice and dice your properties and related contacts any way you want. It’s easy. Search for specific properties using any field combinations. Create reports or view a list of the owners, investors, tenants, brokers and more linked to any property list. This makes targeted marketing a snap.

Get started now

If you’re not a ClientLook subscriber yet, then get started now. Sign up for the free trial and see what you’ve been missing. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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