How a real estate assistant boosts productivity

Imagine having more time for prospecting, property tours, deal making and more. Introducing the Virtual Assistant service for ClientLook CRM. It’s the best real estate assistant available anywhere.

Could you use more time in your day? If you’re like most commercial real estate brokers then the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. While we can’t magically slip an extra hour onto the clock for you, we CAN supply you with a way to offload some of the tasks that chew up your workday.

Your own real estate assistant team

  • The ClientLook virtual assistant team (“VAs” for short) consists of real, live humans. They manually fulfill your requests to help maximize your productivity using our CRM.

    These ClientLook experts understand commercial real estate CRM and speak your language. Communicate with them via voicemail or email anytime, anywhere.

  • Real estate assistant for ClientLook

No other commercial real estate software company offers a service like this – it’s another exclusive ClientLook innovation.

The real estate assistant at work

You can count on the ClientLook Virtual assistant team to handle all kinds of time consuming tasks such as:

  1. Adding contacts. Snap a photo of a business card with your mobile device. Then email it to the VA. They’ll add that person to your contact list.
  2. Logging updates. After a meeting leave a voicemail for the VA with a summary of your activity. The details will be added to the appropriate contact(s) in your account, and they can even be linked to your deals.
  3. Scheduling tasks. Never let another task fall through the cracks. Contact the VA with a list of items you need to complete. They’ll schedule everything for you or your team members as specified.

One of the biggest challenges using a CRM is consistently logging everything you do and everyone you meet. A real estate assistant helps you get more done. Over time the ClientLook VA learns how to serve you better as they get to know your specific needs. They’ll help you stay ahead of your competition.

Unlimited access to the ClientLook virtual assistant is available for only $149 per year! To add the VA service to your ClientLook commercial real estate CRM software account, call our sales team at 888-552-5665 today. Read the latest real estate software reviews to learn how subscribers use this incredible service.

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