CRE CRM cost analysis

What’s the real cost of your commercial real estate CRM?

Don’t invest in a commercial real estate CRM until you know the real cost. The real cost includes substantially more than just your subscription fee.

Take 60 seconds now to compare the cost of any CRM solution to ClientLook.

  • Step 1: Your income goal

    Time is money. It's necessary to understand the value of your time in order to generate an accurate analysis.

  • Step 2: CRM related costs

    Input the costs for your proposed CRM subscription, as well as one-time fees for on-boarding and training.

  • Step 3: Your weekly activity

    CRMs are great for tracking everything you do. You'll want to log all this activity to help build your business. Indicate the number of activities that you typically complete each week.

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  • Conclusion: Your real CRM cost

    Here's an estimate of the real investment you're making in your CRM including all the hard costs and your time.

  • Proposed CRM cost

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