Reach A Wider Audience With A CRE Blog

Reach A Wider Audience With A CRE Blog

Reach A Wider Audience With A CRE Blog

If you don’t have your own CRE blog yet, you’re missing out on tons of great marketing benefits. Not only is blogging a great way to reach potential clients, but it’s also an inexpensive way to market your commercial real estate business. Here’s how you can reach a wider audience with a CRE blog:

Control The Content

In many cases, the company that you work for will have a blog on their main website. While that’s a great way to drive traffic to the company site, it’s probably not helping you very much since company blog posts rarely focus on one specific broker (or team) in the office. They aren’t talking about your expertise, your listings, or how you can help potential clients; but you can be! When you have your own blog, you control the message and all of the content you create and share. You can write about whatever you want to focus on, and ultimately you can reap the rewards of your work.

Share Your Expertise

Maybe you’ve thought about starting a blog before, but you always stop short because you don’t know what to write about. In general, you want to keep your blog focused on the content that would be appealing to your readers (clients and potential clients). You can write about how local events are impacting your market; your areas of expertise and how you can provide value to your clients; or even share recent reviews and awards. The possibilities are endless.

Promote Yourself

As a commercial real estate professional, you have to constantly be marketing yourself to keep your pipeline full. While traditional forms of marketing can get pricey, having your own blog is a relatively inexpensive marketing tool. While you can opt for a free blog, I highly recommend spending a little money to get your own domain name, web hosting, and a professional template. A domain name is the website address (for example and the web hosting is the service that allows you to post content to the internet (and stores all of your content securely online). Your domain and web hosting is about $150 per year. The template is the overall design and look of your site. Most templates allow you to easily change the colors, fonts, and upload your own logo, and then you are free to post the content as you please.

You’re In Charge

While it’s completely up to you what you write about and how often you post, I highly recommend sticking to a consistent schedule. Posting on your blog once a week is a great starting point and is a realistic goal to stick to. When you write a new post, be sure to share it on your social media pages each week to drive traffic to your blog (and it gives you valuable social media content to share, which is a win-win). Be sure your blog includes a few basic pages, such as an About Page, Contact Page, Services Page, and maybe even a page with your current listings. If you’re feeling fancy, you may even want to include a sign up form on your site so readers can subscribe to your email list.

Starting your own commercial real estate blog doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process! Once you have your blog up and running, be sure to keep track of all your new contacts and marketing efforts with our commercial real estate CRM software. You can schedule a demo today to see how our CRM can make running your business easier.

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