Tips For Purchasing Commercial Real Estate CRM Software

Purchasing Commercial Real Estate CRM Software

Tips For Purchasing Commercial Real Estate CRM Software

Managing your business data isn’t to be taken lightly. After all, missing an important date or detail could cost you and your company money. Keeping this in mind, using software designed specifically for the commercial real estate industry should be an essential part of your day. Many commercial real estate professionals still use generic programs like ACT!, Excel or even Outlook, along with their own process for follow-up with contacts and leads. They use dozens of spreadsheets, that easily get lost and make finding information time consuming. Implementing software for your commercial real estate business should not be complicated or labor intensive. The whole point of a good CRM is to help you become more organized, more efficient, and more profitable.

Companies stuck with old methods of data management are likely to fall behind in the hugely competitive market. Commercial real estate CRM software should be a tool to help you make the best possible decisions when prospecting, managing existing clients and looking at current and prospective locations. If the software focuses on database management alone, or if it only alerts you to upcoming lease expiration dates, you are due for an upgrade. Keep in mind that your CRM should be a web-based platform so you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

When looking for commercial real estate CRM software, it’s important to remember that the software should promote unity and collaboration between everyone on your team. You should have the option to keep some details private, while giving your team and clients access to view the details that pertain to them. The CRM should capture and manage relationships in one central location. Such management enables the streamlining of workflow, the gathering and organization of site information and provides an efficient means of sharing that information.

Your commercial real estate CRM should include all of the following features:

  • A web-based platform
  • A mobile app for when you’re on the go
  • Easy and simple contact management
  • The ability to add custom fields
  • The ability to link people, properties, and deals
  • Client collaboration
  • Property tracking
  • Pipeline tracking
  • Sale and lease comp reporting
  • Email integration
  • Bonus: An exclusive Virtual Assistant team

As opposed to most generic programs designed for typical office tasks, commercial real estate specific software is targeted to the industry, with its particular needs in mind. An office that is working with the latest technology will be operating at its maximum efficiency, utilizing the benefits of unified databases and collaboration.

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