Pulling A Prospect List For A Deal


Pulling A Prospect List For A Deal

You’ve set up a “Deal” in ClientLook for an assignment, listing or project you’re working on. You’re talked to some people about the deal – potential investors, tenants interested in the space, other brokers with interested prospects. You’ve created “Updates” or notes on their contact records to document the discussions you’ve had, and linked or “related” those contacts to the deal.

Now, how do you pull up a list of all the prospects (or investors, owners, or any other relationship type) for that deal? It’s easy – it’s ClientLook!

The Deal – Contact Relationship

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  • The “People” tab of a Deal record shows everyone that you have related to your deal. If you don’t know how to relate either a contact or a company to one of your deals, read our previous blog article covering that. This list can include many different relationship types – prospects, brokers, investors, owners – including any custom relationship types you have added.

    Click on the “Options” menu, then choose “Create lookup” to start the process.

Choosing Contacts

  • An selection box will appear. This allows you to choose to look up either contact or company records. In this case, we are going to choose contacts (people). Then, we are going to instruct the system to find all records related to this particular deal with a given relationship type. You can select from any of the relationship types on the picklist, which represents all system values and any you have created yourself.

    Here, since we are looking for prospects, I’ll choose “Prospect” and then click the “Create lookup” button.

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Your Prospect List

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  • And there you have it – a list of all prospects for this deal!

    Now that you have your list, there are many things you can do with it – you can send an email blast using our integration with MailChimp (Options | Send MailChimp Email), you can navigate through the list and reach out to those folks by phone, export them to a spreadsheet (Options | Export data) or add those people to a contact group (Options | Add to Group).

    Please note that if you are going to add them to a group, you need to have already created the group. You can do this by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of ClientLook, selecting “Setup”, then choosing the “Groups” tab.

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