Prospecting Like A Pro: Tips For CRE Professionals

Prospecting Like A Pro: Tips For CRE Professionals

Prospecting Tips For CRE Professionals

When it comes to keeping your pipeline full, prospecting is key. Most of the top industry professionals schedule time to prospect everyday. Whether or not this comes naturally to you, you can prospect like a pro with these tips for commercial real estate professionals:

Schedule Your Prospecting Time

In order to gain new clients, you have to put the time into finding them. Even when your schedule is busy, finding new work should always remain a top priority. It’s best to be consistent and put prospecting on your calendar for the same time each day. Many commercial real estate brokers like to do this first thing in the morning from about 8am to 9am, so they complete this task before unscheduled events pop up later in the day. No matter what time of day works best for you, block out the time on your calendar in advance.

Vary Your Methods

When you’re trying to reach new clients, it will take a variety of contact methods to reach them. From cold-calling, to utilizing social media, to physically walking into individual businesses, your prospecting methods should be varied. Some commercial real estate pros are amazing at cold-calling, while others are best in person. Try out several different prospecting approaches to see what brings in the most business for you, but still aim to vary your methods to reach the widest audience. Check out this related post filled with cold-calling tips. 

Reach Out To Your Network

Your current and past clients will likely be your biggest source of repeat work and referrals. Stay on the top of their mind by reaching out to them occasionally with a quick email or phone call, and don’t be shy about asking them for a referral. If you gave them a good experience, most people are happy to refer you to their friends and colleagues. Remember that it takes more time to acquire a new client, so nurture the relationships that you already have in place.

Network, Network, Network

You never know where you’re going to meet your next client, so be ready to strike up casual conversations. Whether you’re in line at the coffee shop, or watching your kid play baseball, make an effort to chat with people. Step it up a notch by attending local networking events, trade shows, and conferences. Check out this related post filled with networking tips. 


Keep track of your prospecting efforts in a commercial real estate CRM, like ClientLook. Our software allows you to easily organize your contacts, properties, and deals, as well as schedule follow-up tasks, and keep track of your email communication. When you reach out to a contact, write a quick note to remind your self when you reached out to them, what you spoke about, and when you should follow up.

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