Property Marketing Made Easy with ClientLook and Buildout

ClientLook CRM Buildout Integration

Property Marketing Made Easy with ClientLook and Buildout

Did you know that ClientLook and Buildout have teamed up to offer you an easy way to market your commercial real estate properties? You can quickly create professional marketing materials and streamline your listing process by sending your ClientLook properties and listings directly to Buildout. ClientLook CRM software is used as a hub for contacts, deals, properties and listings. With ClientLook, staying organized is a breeze, and our integrations with a variety of leading industry solutions, like Buildout, give you access to incredible features to help your business.

Build Your Property Inventory

The integration between ClientLook and Buildout makes selling and leasing your availabilities easier than ever before. This market leading innovation allows you to build your property inventory in ClientLook while you maintain great relationships with investors, tenants, landlords and owners. When the time comes to create marketing materials, all you have to do is click a button and everything you need is sent to Buildout, where are the marketing magic happens.

Create Custom Marketing Materials

Send any of your ClientLook properties or listings to Buildout to streamline the listing process and create incredible looking marketing materials. Connecting ClientLook and Buildout takes less than 60 seconds and only requires a one-time setup with no special technical skills needed (please note that you must be a Buildout subscriber). You can easily connect Buildout to ClientLook with a special API Key that works account-wide. You can obtain this key by contacting Buildout support at Simply let their support team know that you want to link Buildout to ClientLook.

Exciting features of the Buildout integration include:

  • Easily connect Buildout to ClientLook with a single “secret key” that works account-wide.
  • Send listing data and photos to Buildout with a single click. No more redundant data entry.
  • Identify up to three (3) ClientLook users as listing brokers for each property you send.
  • Any property/listing updates made in ClientLook are automatically sent to Buildout.
  • Works with any property type and sub-type supported by Buildout.

The integration of these two systems allows you to take your commercial real estate business to the next level by producing high-quality marketing materials with minimal effort. Watch the short video below to see how easy it is to connect to Buildout and send a property from ClientLook:

You can deliver exceptional marketing results for your clients by utilizing the integration between ClientLook and Buildout. Spend more time managing your day-to-day business tasks and leverage ClientLook’s powerful integrations to maximize efficiency. You work smarter and deliver better service to your clients.

If you’re not a current ClientLook user, take advantage of our free 21-day trial or schedule a complimentary demo to see how this integration can help your commercial real estate business. We are proud to be the the only all-in-one CRM software that was built specifically for the commercial real estate industry, and we look forward to working with you.


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