How To Pivot Your CRE Business During COVID-19

How To Pivot Your CRE Business During COVID-19

Pivot Your CRE Business During COVID-19

We are currently living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down all non-essential businesses across America, and forced millions of others to work remotely from home. As a commercial real estate professional, you may be wondering how you can keep your business moving forward with these challenging circumstances. Read on to learn how to pivot your CRE business during COVID-19.

Communication Is Key

Now that we’re about 6 weeks into the situation, I hope you’ve adapted to working from home and set up a new routine for yourself. (If not, check out this related blog post: How To Work Remotely From Home). Part of your daily schedule should include reaching out to your current and past commercial real estate clients. Staying in touch with them during this time will help you to stay at the top of their mind when they need your services, and is a nice gesture. Simply make a few 5 minute phone calls each day to say hello and check in on your clients. Now is not the time to sell anything, but rather have a nice conversation with them. You want your clients to know that you’re working from home, and available if they need you for anything.

Have A Virtual Meeting

With social distancing measures in place, now is the perfect time to leverage technology. Instead of having in-person meetings with clients or your team, use Zoom to host a virtual meeting. You will still be able to see each other (as long as the video feature is turned on) and it’s the next best thing. to being in-person. You can even share your screen to make reviewing documents or doing a traditional presentation a breeze.

Host Digital Property Tours

You may be working from home right now, but that doesn’t mean that your business has to slow down. Now is the time to go above and beyond to assist your clients in any way that you can. Visit your property listings and film a video tour with your phone. Show the exterior of the property, as well as all of the interior rooms. You can also take photos on your phone of each room and up-close photos of any unique details. If possible, make sure all of the interior lights are turned on in each room before you start your video so you’re not fumbling for light switches as you’re recording. If the video and photos are too large to send via text or email, you can upload them to DropBox to share them with your client.

Use A Commercial Real Estate CRM

Did you know that ClientLook is the only all-in-one CRM built specifically for the commercial real estate industry? Our software is built for your business, and our team understands the unique needs of CRE professionals. Leverage our back-office assistant team to help you keep your CRM up to date. This amazing feature is included with your ClientLook subscription, and can save you several hours of work each month! Utilize our Mailchimp integration to boost your email marketing efforts and get valuable insights that you can utilize to win more business. Produce attractive presentation-quality comps reports, and get your CRM organized and set up to your customized settings. Or use this time to organize your contacts, deals, and properties. You can also schedule follow-up tasks so nothing gets forgotten in the months to come.

Between virtual meetings, digital property tours, email communication, and DocuSign, your commercial real estate business can keep running. By pivoting to make necessary changes to help your business, you’ll be able to stay relevant during these times. If you’re not a current ClientLook subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how our commercial real estate CRM can help your business.

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