Our Top 10 CRM Blog Posts From 2021

Our Top 10 CRM Blog Posts From 2021

Top 10 CRM Blog Posts From 2021

At ClientLook, our commercial real estate CRM software is intuitive and easy to use. However, that doesn’t stop us from giving you tips to make the most out of your CRM. We strive to share valuable information that will help all CRE professionals. From ClientLook tutorials, to marketing tips and industry resources, we’ve got you covered with our weekly blog posts. We posted a ton of valuable content in 2021, and here are the top ten posts that will help you take your commercial real estate business to the next level:

What CRM Is Best For The Commercial Real Estate Industry?

When it comes to using a CRM software, there are so many aspects of your commercial real estate business that can benefit – including getting more organized, boosting your productivity, and even winning more deals. While using a CRM is important, choosing the right one is essential. The CRE industry is unique, so you want a CRM that is built for your specific needs. That’s where ClientLook comes in. We are proud to be the only all-in-one CRM built specifically for the commercial real estate industry.

Leverage Our Exclusive Back Office Assistant Team To Accomplish More

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that our commercial real estate software subscription includes our exclusive Back Office Assistant team (known internally as the Virtual Assistant team). The VA’s are one of our most popular features, and for good reason. Not only does having a VA save you a ton of time, but it also allows you to focus on the work that will boost your bottom line. As a commercial real estate broker, there’s no reason for you to be inputting contact information from a business card, or scheduling a follow up reminder, when we have a team readily available to help you with those tasks. If you haven’t taken advantage of our Back Office Assistant team yet, this post includes a few reasons why you should.

Commercial Real Estate Associations

As a commercial real estate professional, you have the opportunity to join and take advantage of several industry specific associations. Not only do these organizations provide you with wonderful networking events, but they also help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and stay on top of the ever-changing trends in the industry. All of these organizations offer something unique, so it’s best to do some research and become active in the ones that are best suited for you.

How To Attract Top CRE Agents To Your Brokerage

In today’s competitive commercial real estate market, attracting and retaining top agents to your brokerage should be one of your main concerns. The best agents want to work with the best companies, but they’re also looking for the “total package” that includes more than just a nice commission split. If you’re looking to attract skilled agents, use these tips to make your search easier.

The Benefits of Off -Market CRE Properties

Over the years, off-market CRE deals have increased in popularity. The commercial real estate market can be competitive, but off-market properties have several benefits for CRE brokers and their clients. From less competition to the ability to connect directly with property owners, it can be a win-win for everyone involved. Learn more about the benefits of off-market CRE properties in this post.

Must-Have CRM Software Features For CRE Professionals

If you want to take your commercial real estate business to the next level this year, having a CRM is essential. From getting organized, to elevating your productivity, to winning more deals, a CRM is a necessary part of your business strategy. While you’re taking time to research CRM’s, make sure you look for these must-have CRM software features that all CRE professionals need.

How To Use Technology To Boost Your CRE Business

As a commercial real estate professional, technology can help you take your business to the next level. There’s no denying that technology has completely changed the way we all live our lives. From smart phones, to electric cars, to being able to access information with a simple search. The commercial real estate industry may have been slower to embrace the advances in technology, but CRE professionals are taking full advantage of the new resources and trends to run their businesses more efficiently. It’s time to jump on the technology train or run the risk of falling light-years behind.

Commercial Real Estate Auctions

There has been a lot of conversation about commercial real estate auctions lately. While auctions have long been a part of the CRE industry, there is reason to expect an influx of new auction listings to hit the market within the next 6-18 months as owners are looking to liquidate assets. Let’s dig into why this is the case, and what brokers need to do to stay ahead of the market.

The Best Mobile CRM App For The CRE Industry

Top producers in the commercial real estate industry rely on our CRM software to stay organized and boost their daily efficiency. They start their day looking over their tasks in their CRM, and they end their day making sure all of their contacts, deals, and property information is up to date. While this may sound like “desk work”, technology allows us the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere now. See for yourself why ClientLook has the best mobile CRM app for the CRE industry.

How To Become A Top CRE Broker In Your Market

When it comes to being a top producing commercial real estate agent, there are several factors that can make you stand out from the competition. From your market knowledge, to your personality, and your ability to close even the hardest deals, these skills will work in your favor. Use these tips to become a top CRE broker in your market.

Find A Commercial Property Owner With These Tips

The challenge of finding the names of ever-changing property owners can be very difficult. Your ability to discover this critical information is one of the most important ingredients to your success as a commercial real estate broker. This post describes some of the best ways to find a commercial property owner using the latest online services.

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