Our Top 10 CRM Blog Posts From 2019

Our Top 10 CRM Blog Posts From 2019

Top 10 CRM Blog Posts From 2019

Our commercial real estate software is user-friendly and simple to use, but we’re always here to give you a few pointers. We keep our blog updated on a consistent basis to provide you with the best-practices to get the most out of our CRM, as well as useful information that all commercial real estate professionals can benefit from. While we posted a ton of useful information in 2019, I’ve narrowed down the top ten blog posts that will help you get the most out of ClientLook. Bookmark this page and check out these handy posts:

How To Convert A Listing To A Lease or Sales Comp

ClientLook now includes a powerful lease and sale comparable tracking system. It’s the perfect place to store all the information you’ve gathered on deals in your market. If you’ve been using ClientLook to track your internal listings, then it’s only a few short clicks to convert your closed listings to comps.

How To Produce Comp Reports In ClientLook

In case you missed the big news, ClientLook recently added a lease and sale comparables module that allows you to track deals in your market in-house. But what fun would that be if we didn’t give you a way to produce attractive presentation quality reports? Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

How To Merge Duplicate Records 

You have been asking us for a tool to find and merge duplicate records within ClientLook and we released it in 2019. You can now find duplicate contacts, companies and properties using criteria you specify, and then merge those records together.

Export CRE Properties and Owners

ClientLook is the perfect CRM to track properties and their respective owners. Now your property exports from ClientLook not only include property characteristics, but also the contact details of the related owner. This article will show you how to do that export.

How To Record Your Mobile Calls In ClientLook

If you’re like most CRE professionals, you spend a lot of time on your cell phone. Being out and about while talking to prospects and clients shouldn’t mean the results of those calls don’t get recorded. ClientLook’s mobile apps make it easy!

How To Relate A CRM Update To Multiple Records

I’m sure you have all had the opportunity to create updates within our commercial real estate CRM. Each update is time and date stamped, categorized, and attributed to the person who recorded it. See how easy it is to update multiple records in ClientLook with this step-by-step post.

Provide Better Client Service With Online Deal Collaboration

ClientLook offers exclusive online deal collaboration capabilities. They’ll help you win business and communicate with your clients in the easiest and most effective way possible – online. This promotes your ability to deliver the best client service of your career.

How To Customize Your CRM

ClientLook CRM allows you to customize the way your account works to suit your specialty and the way you prefer to work. Here are five things you should take a look at today.

How To Find Anything In Our Commercial Real Estate CRM

Scoop is the place where you will find all the updates you and your team have ever entered into any module within our CRM. What many people don’t realize is that it’s also the best place to quickly search for any word or phrase in those updates to quickly find anything you’re looking for.

Organizing Your Commercial Real Estate Deal Emails

ClientLook users love the ability to forward emails to their deals. Each deal has its own dedicated email address, making it simple to attach outgoing or received emails to that deal record, regardless of what email program you use, without the need for any add-on or plugin software on your computer.

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