The New Face of Scoop

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The New Face of Scoop

Your commercial real estate CRM software should make it easy to recall any information you’ve entered over the years, whether it relates to a contact, a company, a deal you’re working on or a property you’re tracking. ClientLook makes it simple and fast to do this using the filter in Scoop.

Scoop is a private social network that’s built into ClientLook. It effortlessly organizes every update, completed activity, email and file into one consolidated feed of information. It’s the simplest way to manage your commercial real estate business data and communicate with your team.

We’ve recently upgraded Scoop to make it faster and even easier to track what you are doing, keep up with your team members’ shared inputs, and search for any update added by anyone on your account.

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Using Scoop is easy. When you first launch Scoop, you will automatically see all updates you have personally entered in the system over the last 30 days, starting with the latest entry. This makes it easy to review what you did this morning, for example, when you return from lunch. To see entries that have been shared with you by a team member, simply click on the user list and select that person’s name from the picklist and then click the search button (it looks like a magnifying glass). To see everything contributed by your entire team, simply choose “All users” at the very top of the list.

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You can narrow your search to a particular type of update by using the category box. Any of the standard ClientLook update categories, or any custom categories you added yourself, will appear here. Just select the one that applies and click the search button. You will now see only those updates in that category, making it much faster to find what you are looking for.

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You can also narrow your search by date range. Choose from some quick options (Today, Yesterday, This Week, etc.) or chose a specific date range and then click the search button.

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The most useful filter option is probably the keyword search box. This allows you to search through all updates created in all modules by anyone for a certain word or phrase. Can’t remember which client you discussed a property with, but remember noting that he previously invested in a portfolio of pharmacy properties? Just search for “pharmacy” and you’ll find that conversation instantly.

Commercial Real Estate Software_Scoop 5

Say, for example, that you want only those updates, completed activities and emails that were created in the last six months that contain the words “500 Main Street lease” and have a document attached. Simply enter your desired text in the keyword box, choose your date range, and check the box labeled “Has file.” Click the search button, and within seconds you will have the information you need.

Commercial Real Estate Software_Scoop 6

We recently added a new option for viewing updates.  You can choose between the traditional chronological order, or the new  “category view”.  This allows you to see all your updates sorted into the standard and custom categories that you assigned to each update when creating it.  You can now easily see all your calls, meetings, emails, property tours, etc. grouped together.  Simply choose the option you prefer from the “Options” menu.

Commercial Real Estate Software_Scoop 7

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It’s that easy! No other solution compares.

See our ClientLook CRM training video library that includes over 50 short tutorials that walk you through all the features of ClientLook. If you’d prefer personal assistance then just contact our support staff at 888-552-5665. Unlimited support is always free!

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